When Should You Get Land Surveying Services In Calgary

Land Surveying Services

Having a land survey done is quite crucial, and even mandatory in some situations. But the thought of getting land surveying services does not cross our mind until we’re absolutely required to do so.

When Should You Get Land Surveying Services In Calgary

A land survey gives you a clear idea of your property, and everything included in it. This can be very helpful in official matters and building plans, as well as in resolving any local disputes you may have with someone sharing your property boundary.

When you think about it, there are at least five situations where having a land survey comes out to be incredibly handy. Today, we’re going to take a look at the same, helping you decide when you should be getting land surveying services in Calgary.

Important For The Seller

Selling a property is a complex process, and a chunk of it comes down to estimating the value of the property, accurately. Buyers are often concerned about the promises made by the seller and having a document that illustrates clear dimensions of your property can help the buyer build trust when buying your property.

Additionally, a survey will have an answer to almost anything the buyer may have a doubt about, eliminating the need to describe your property in detail to every potential buyer.

This will make the process of selling your property much more seamless, and convenient for both you as a seller and the property buyer.

Owning Your Place As A Homeowner

Disputes with the neighbors aren’t an uncommon occurrence no matter where you go in the world. And a lot of these disputes don’t find an end because there’s no record showing the share of the parties involved. In this case, getting a survey done of your property will act as proof of your rightful ownership of the property, and any infringement regarding the same can be solved or taken action against.

Ideally, building a boundary or a fence on the borders of your property will keep you afar from any potential disputes that could’ve happened otherwise.

Real Estate Investments

The money involved in real estate investments is quite significant, and therefore, before you sign yourself a deal, you should know all the details about the property you’re about to buy.

There are two ways to go about this. You can either ask the current property owner to present any land surveys they have done previously, or you can both agree to a new land survey, offering you an accurate picture of the current state of the property. Based on the survey, you can judge whether the property is a good investment or not.

Mortgaging a Property

As mentioned earlier, there are a few scenarios where presenting a land survey is mandatory, and mortgaging a property is one of them.

Banks will require you to present a land survey, adhering to the current condition of the property, to assess the value of the property and offer a mortgage in return.

Find A Land Surveyor in Calgary

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