Top 6 Adaptive Cutlery for Elderly



Elderly as well as disabled people like to be more independent. To make this happen they need to prepare their meals by themselves. And while preparing for the meals they need some assistance to make the process easy and fast for them. To help them out with the same assistive devices are used. Keep reading further to know more about it.

Kitchen cutlery is important for the elderly. It is because old age makes it difficult to do any kind of chores. And every small task becomes impossible with each passing day. Even cooking is a task; if elderly people lose the strength to do their work, they need easy-to-use tools to help them with their everyday processes. To become independent, and if they feel like doing small chores all by themselves, also gives rest to their caregivers. Keep reading further to explore the top 6 adaptive cutlery that the elderly can use.

Angurello Melon Cutter:

Seasonal fruits are beneficial for the health of the elderly. This cutter helps to cut the melons and watermelons into small-sized pieces that are easy to chew and eat. Because of age, it becomes difficult to hold the sharp knife and cut it into smaller pieces. So, if they love melons, but find it difficult to cut them into smaller pieces of equal sizes, then this is the solution to that. So, if the elderly are not feeling good, preparing a meal all by themselves can make healthy choices by just eating seasonal fruits that are good for their health.

It is one of the easy and simple uses of a kitchen tool that makes cutting fruits easy. It helps you enjoy every bite of the fruit to get your body some nutrition. At an older age, it becomes difficult to hold on to a sharp knife and cut a big fruit like melons because it can easily fall off the hands and easily hurt themselves from the knife. So, it is safe and easy to use.

Modern Knife Set:

With age, it becomes difficult to handle a sharp knife to cut any object, especially in the kitchen. So, your elderly needs to have a sharp set of knives to help them out with the cutting of fruits and vegetables for their meal. It does not matter what kind of food they eat, but cutting is essential while preparing meals. These mostly come in the set of 4 different knives. These are made from steel and are durable in nature. It makes the slicing process easy for the elderly and is elderly-friendly. It is because it is safe to use, especially for arthritis patients that face the shivering hands issue. So, it helps in making the slicing process fast without wasting much time.

2-in-1 Clever Cutter:

A 2-in-1 clever cutter is designed keeping the elderly in mind. It is one of the efficient tools that help the elderly complete their tasks in less time. It is usually made from stainless steel and is razor free. So, it also reduces the chances for the elderly to get hurt. It has a plastic handle which makes the holding of the grip strength for the elderly. Its pressure handle has a spring attached to it that helps you in cutting. It makes the slicing process of vegetables, fruits, and the meat easy.

Salad Cutter Bowl:

A salad cutter bowl is what every elderly requires. It not only makes cutting the salad easy and fast but also helps the elderly to take more healthy options and eat salads even after meals. This tool helps to chop the veggies and fruits in no time. It also helps get rid of all the mess and chaos that is created while doing this process. A 7-inch knife works best with a salad cutting bowl.

Infuser Spoon:

An infuser spoon is one of the most required tools for the elderly. It helps add flavours and essence to the food items by infusing herbs and spices. So, as a caregiver, you can make them more healthy for them because adding these will help them gain more nutrition which they require. You just need to place the easing that they like or require in the soup. Once it is done, they can easily remove the colander and enjoy their soup and the meal following it.

Bottle Opener:

A Bottle opener is needed that helps remove the metal caps from glass bottles. It generally comes with a corkscrew from a wine bottle. As a metal bottle cap is fixed to the rim of the bottle, it must be removed carefully by pleating or ruffling it around the rim. Because of age and weak muscles, your elderly needs to be careful when they open a bottle. Because if not properly might hurt them, leading them to scare=s and blood loss which is not for their health at this age.

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Adaptive cutlery for disabled or elderly is important to make them feel more independent. It reduces the time and effort spent cutting vegetables and other things required to prepare a meal. It also allows them to eat their favourite meals by allowing them to cook and eat easily by themselves. This way, they can help themselves and give rest to their caregivers, who are constantly taking care of them.

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