7 Apps That Are Seriously Life Savers

7Apps That Are Seriously Life Savers


The smartphone we cannot imagine living without is much more than a gadget for entertainment, gaming, and social media. The excessive digitization in our lives has rapidly forced every industry to opt for mobile apps.

Medical and Life Saving Apps

In an era where people generally think that the internet and online scams are synonymous, the medical and life-saving apps industry is a new change of perspective. Yes, there is no denying that online scamming is at its peak, and some fraud people or companies have no conscience while looting people’s money.

However, some excellent companies and software houses value people over profit and make amendments asrequired. One such example is AirG Reviews. The customers of Vodafone were unduly charged for a chat service by AirG that they did not subscribe for. The company instantly took control and reimbursed all the subscribers.

The bright side of the internet includes medical and life-saving apps. These are among the most sought-after apps as mobile health and telemedicine have become extremely popular. The statistics provided by Grandview Research tell us that the market share of mobile health stood at about a 40.7billion USD in 2019, with a projected CAGR of 29.2% in the upcoming years.

These appsare aptly named life-saving apps as they come in very handy with first aid and emergencies.

We have compiled a list of credible apps that can seriously save your and your loved ones’ lives when you are in a fix. Please go through them and see which apps suit your needs.

X Best Life Saving Apps

1.      First Aid


Available on Android and iOS platforms, this app is designed and supported by American Red Cross. This app is completely ad-free. It is one of the top user-friendly apps that presents everything to the users in the most simplified forms.

With this app on your phone, you can learn fundamental first aid tips and techniques, complete disaster awareness training, or ask for help when an immediate emergency is needed. The app contains detailed first aid lessons for handling various life incidents using diagrams and pointers.

Whether you are clueless about treating burns or scrapes or undecided aboutthe seriousness of the injury, the First Aid App by American Red Cross is the solution. The best feature of this app is a big red button that instantly calls 911 for you.

2.      Pet First Aid


Emergency for our pets is also an emergency that needs immediate help. Our little furry friends are also dear to us, and we cannot ignore their health at any cost. This life-saving pet first aid app is excellent to use in critical situations.

It is quite similar to the previously mentioned app by American Red Cross as it entails a plethora of information regarding potential injuries or emergencies for pet dogs and cats. It has several tutorials that pet owners can watch and learn from. This app also quizzes to test your learning regarding dealing with critical situations.

It also stores all the details about your vet so that you can contact them whenever you need them. Additionally, the Pet First Aid app also collects all the information about your pet(s) and creates a profile(s) to have all the information in one place.

3.      Life360

This app is available on both platforms, Android and iOS. It is one of a kind app that is very useful in connecting with your family, friends, and close people who might contact or need you when they are in peril. This app allows you and your loved ones to make a private network or group that updates all the members about each other’s locations when turned on.

If you are an adventure-loving person and your family always worries about your safety, the Life360 app is needed. You can get your favourite essential hiking or camping gear and go on adventures without leaving your loved ones worried sick about you.

4.      BG Monitor Diabetes

BG Monitor Diabetes


Several health monitoring apps track your health and fitness aptly and update you. However, quite a few actually work without glitches and have an immaculate layout. BG Monitor Diabetes is an excellent health tracking app designed to keep tabs on your blood sugar levels, as its name suggests.

It entails a logbook that periodically prompts you to input your blood sugar levels. The record helps this app keep track of your glucose levels, food intake, and insulin count. Once you regularly use the app, it also identifies trends in your diet and glucose levels, thus providing personalized and suitable insights for your health.

5.      ShareTheMeal

This app is not your life-saving app per se; however, it definitely helps you save someone else’s life. It is readily available for download from Apple Store or Google Play Store and has a straightforward interface. It allows the users to donate to needy children and families in regions where hunger and poverty rates are alarmingly high.

This app lets you feed families and save them from famine and several health problems arising from hunger with a single touch or click. The best feature of this app is that you do not necessarily have to make a significant donation. The minimal amount you can donate is about 0.62 USD, as it is the average cost of feeding a child per the UN’s World Food Program.

6.      Blood Donor

Blood Donor


This app is also made by Red Cross and is available on both Android and iOS. With the help of this app, users help Red Cross find blood donors easily and more quickly. Additionally, it also makes blood donations super easy for the users. You can book appointments to donate blood in the nearest designated facility, and the app reminds you about the appointments and notifies you when the process is complete.

This app also has some great incentives for people who donate blood through this app, including several different vouchers, gift cards, or rewards.

7.      Merck Manual Home Edition

Merck has been one of the most trusted medical service providers since 1899. It is an essential aspect of the company’s mission that medical information should be open and accessible for all. Merck has developed this app for its consumers to turn this mission into reality.

This app is a knowledge hub for consumers across the globe. It hasthousands of medical disorders listed with factual information explaining the disorders and their practical information. You can blindly trust this app’s information as several medical professionals and health experts regularly update it.

Health and Wellness is the Key

There is nothing to life if the health is compromised. With everything becoming so rapidly digitized, developing mobile apps has become the main focus of the health and wellness industry. People use the internet for many different purposes all day, every day.

Having theseuseful life-saving apps on your phones can save the lives of your loved ones. It is best to have medical or emergency apps by trusted developers such as American Red Cross or Merck, as it is vital to have the correct information when needed.