Why Are Gift Cards A Better Present?

Gift Cards

We all remember receiving gifts for several occasions like birthdays or festivals like New Year when we were young. As times change, people’s tastes have also changed. With an extensive array of available things both offline and online these days, it isn’t easy to foretell what a person will like. A great gift option people are following these days is giving a Gift Card from a retail store. A Gift Card is very simple for the gift-giver and the gift beneficiary. As per the Australian Government Treasury study, Australia’s gift card market is roughly between 1.5 billion dollars and 2.5 billion dollars annually. In a survey of 1,000 users (conducted by the ‘Australian National Retailers Association’), about 20% of respondents stated that the size of their spending on Christmas presents would be on gift cards. An increase in the last few years suggests that gift cards are turning more popular as a choice during Christmas.

Giving gift cards occasionally and at festivals has multiple benefits, such as avoiding the risk of giving an undesirable present. Anyone who has ever given his friend a gift that he already owns ‘regifted’ can agree to this significance. Not to forget the waste of money and resources on things thrown away or gathering dust in the backside of a cupboard!

Alternatively, a gift card will allow the recipient to take some time and decide what they want to spend it on and enjoy getting your gift again when they finalize their decision. And if you give them an experience, your gift will be remembered by your friends forever.

Gift Cards Help You Stay Within Budget 

Have you shopped for a friend, trying to explore something for, say, Rs. 2,000 but ended up buying something that costs about Rs. 2,900. What would you do next? Either allow that gift to slip off your hands or pay almost 50 percent more than the amount you hoped to spend! You do not need us to know this is far from ideal. On the other hand, if you order gifts online, you can always stick tight to your budget. Want to spend only Rs. 1,000? Get a Gift Card that sums up the same amount.

Gift Cards Help You Enjoy High Savings

When you Send Gifts Online to your close ones, such as a Gift Voucher, you can always make sure to get a discount on the retail price of the voucher. And that is not all. In most cases, you also have a chance of receiving a cashback in your wallet. Imagine while you order  gifts for him worth Rs. 1,000, and save a whopping amount of about Rs. 100 – a benefit you can’t always enjoy when shopping for a virtual gift.

Gift Cards Offer you Unbeatable Flexibility

There are many times when you do not know what the gift recipient wants! Imagine a scenario of an activity – Secret Santa at your office. These individuals you do not know, and thus, you are often unable to choose an ideal gift. These are the situations when Gift Cards play their roles and rescue you. It will allow you to fulfill your obligations thoughtfully, and these Gift Cards will also allow the gift receiver the much-needed flexibility of choosing something they want.

Gift Cards are Extremely Memorable

Many people say that when you choose or create something with careful thoughtfulness like any personalised gift, you get emotionally attached to the same. This is an entire philosophy behind the DIY furniture idea that we sell. Also, this is why Gift Cards are much more cherished and memorable than other gift ideas. Not only do gift cards convey your thoughtful gift idea to the receiver, but they also allow them to thoughtfully consider the possibilities regarding when, how, and towards what service or product they wish to use the gift card.

Gift Cards are Considered Thoughtful

While there are many people out there who believe that Gift Cards are general and quite thoughtful, this is mainly true when you choose it from a brand that the gift recipient loves. For example, your sister may adore you for giving her Nykaa Gift Cards, your EDM music-loving brother may want you to gift him with BookMyShow Gift Card, and likewise, your blogger friend might appreciate a Chroma Gift Card. Above all, only if you know the recipient’s care and interests for them will allow you to choose apt Gift Cards for your friends while giving them the freedom to choose their gift!

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