Tips to Deter Fear While Preparing for Competitive Exams


Since our childhood, we have been told that exams are dangerous situations. Naturally, this made us dislike exams and develop a feeling of fear and restlessness for exams. But when it comes to cracking the competitive exams then it is normal to feel butterflies in the stomach. Because cracking these exams requires grueling efforts and other essential qualities from the candidates. Moreover, the increasing level of competition in the field of competitive exams is also bewildering the candidates. In such a scenario, it is normal to feel negative thoughts. But note that not tackling negative thoughts properly can lead you to depression. If the fear of exams is overpowering your mind then read this article carefully. 

Many banks and SSC  exams are going to be conducted this year. Are you also planning to appear for these exams? If yes, then seek help from the best institution that provides bank coaching. Note that your mentor can only tell you some effective strategies to deal with fear. But, it is your responsibility to overcome fear and appear for the exam with courage. We have elaborated on some important things to make your mind free of fear while preparing for the competitive exams. 

Please read the following points carefully to prepare for the exam without fear.

  • Find solutions to negative thoughts

Has someone told you to avoid negative thoughts? If yes, then you must have tried to run from the negative thoughts. But what if I tell you that they come to your path to alert you. Yes, they don’t always come to our minds to threaten us. In fact, they try to alert us about an unfavorable situation if you study them carefully. Therefore, finding a solution for them actually put you on the right path and makes you confident to deal with unfavorable situations. Note that overthinking these negative thoughts is not a good thing. You are advised to find a solution to the negative thoughts at the moment they originate in your mind. Moreover, solving them carefully will also enhance your problem-solving ability. 

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  • Revise the syllabus

It is mandatory to revise the exam syllabus at least 2 times before appearing for the exam. Starting competitive exam preparation at least 4 months prior to the exam date will give you sufficient time for revision. You are required to study each and every topic mentioned in the syllabus thoroughly. So don’t wait for the official notification to be released. it is beneficial to start the preparations from now. As it will lessen the burden of preparations in the last days prior to the exams. Eventually, this will calm the anxiety that usually happens during the exams. 

  • Meditation 

Meditation plays a very vital role in cracking the government exam because it has a direct connection with our brain. You must have experienced that your mind feels energetic after the meditation of only three minutes. Mediation has helped many experts develop a habit of staying calm in tough situations. Therefore,  you can also take help from meditation to stay calm during preparations and exams. Remember that a calm mind will help you understand the situations easily and correctly. So add meditation as an important part of your schedule. Furthermore, mediation will also improve the quality of sleep which is very essential for your preparations. Thus, meditation can help you prepare for the government exams efficiently.

  • Avoid frustrations

It is common to feel frustrated when we make a lot of mistakes during the preparations. but if you develop a habit of getting frustrated at small mistakes then this can push you away from your goal. So it is essential to focus on improving your mistakes rather than crying over them. Moreover, stop falling into the trap of becoming perfectionist. This will make you misjudge your abilities and weaknesses. So accept your mistakes and try to improve them with patience. If you are putting grueling efforts into the preparations for bank exams then come in the contact with the best institutions that provide bank coaching in Chandigarh. 

  • Solve mock tests

You must be aware that mock tests are very essential part of your preparations. As solving mock tests can help you manage the crucial time while attempting the questions. Do you know mismanagement of even a single second can spoil the hard work of years? Yes, it can. Therefore, practice solving mock tests from today to improve your speed and accuracy while attempting the questions. Additionally, solving these papers on a regular basis will also help you remove anxiety during preparations. Also, you can try to solve the previous year’s question papers to access your performance. 

  • Sleep 

Mostly, many aspirants decide to sacrifice their sleep while preparing for the government exams. But they don’t know that doing this can actually push them away from their goal. If you are also among them please try to avoid this decision. A lack of sleep will make your mind feel irritated and tired. Do you think that you can study for the exam with a tired or disturbed mind? Of course not! So, make sure you are sleeping for at least 8 hours while preparing for the exam. Moreover, try to relish deep sleep. As this can fill you with energy and optimism to study for the competitive exam. 

  • Seek help

If you find it difficult or impossible to tackle the fear of the exam then seek help from others. Mostly. some candidates never ask for help while studying for the exam. This can create trouble for them on the path to their success. You can seek help from experts or surf the internet. The candidates who have passed the examinations can give you some essential tips to crack the exam. Moreover, take help from youtube trial classes to underastnd  ardous concepts. 

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Lastly, maintain a healthy diet while preparing for the exams. You might be aware that food has some connection with the mood of a person. We understand that competitive exam preparations can make you feel extremely anxious. Stop overthinking. Because it is dangerous for your mental and physical health. We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you tackle the fear while preparing for the competitive exams.