Top 5 Mistakes Student Should Avoid While Preparing For The Defence Exam 


Dear aspiration filled aspirant! We know that you must have been going through a lot while preparing for the upcoming defence exam. From worrying about the rising competition level to safeguarding from distraction, we know that it must be quite a difficult task to manage everything in an apt manner. In the process of doing everything in a correct manner, you must be committing some mistakes that are becoming the major point behind your failure in the defence examination.

We all are well versed with the scenario that defence exams are tough to crack. For cracking it you need to inculcate many versatile habits. Developing a balanced personality is the most important thing to qualify for the defence exam. To lighten the burden of preparation we have compiled up the list of some common mistakes that usually students commit while preparing for the defence exam. If you think you are one of them then leave all your tasks aside and devote your concentration to this blog. Make constructive efforts to avoid yourself from strangling into the vicious circle of mistakes. If you have set your target to clear the NDA exam, grab an effective dose of guidance from the best NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

 Avoid doing silly mistakes by reading the below-mentioned point: 

Make a habit of reading and grasping topics so that they can easily become one of the major sources behind your achievement in the upcoming defence exam.

  • Panicking a lot

If you think that panicking on every other thing can help you in the preparation of the defence exam. Then you are absolutely wrong. It will do major harm instead of good. Students should always remember that the more they panic the more they lose focus on the topics. We understand that rising competition and strictness in the defence may make you feel like you are under the weather. However, you have to make a constructive thought that you will not attain anything if you are impatient and panicking a lot.

This whole point may sound normal to you but you are still in the same situation. Have faith in your preparation and soon you will notice that you are walking on the road where every other point leads you to success in the defence exam. Are you striving to become the protective layer of the country by qualifying for the AFCAT exam? If yes, then link with the AFCAT coaching.

  • Less sleeping time

When we think about preparing for the defence exam then the most common image pops up in our mind is of a candidate studying day and night without any rest and gap. Most of the students think that if they devote more time without any break then only they will be able to qualify for the exam without any struggle. This whole mentality is absolutely wrong. It is quite essential to give the rest to the body.

So that it can easily take some time to relax the stressed-out mind. We understand that preparation for a defence exam is quite essential but you need to think in the favour of your body. The more you take rest and sleep the more you move towards the possibility of cracking the defence exam with remarkable results. If you do not take a night of proper sleep then surely you feel lethargic and find it difficult to focus on things. 

  • Lack in studying smart

Keep in mind that studying hard will not help you qualify for the defence exam but studying smart can. It is noted that the student preparing for the defence exam usually ends up working religiously hard. This is not the option for cracking the exam. From filtering the important question to studying from the mock test, you can easily follow the mantra of studying smart with resourceful guidance. As we all know that to qualify for the defence exam you need to move in the right direction. If you take any step wrong or waste your time on something else. Then there is no denying the fact that your entire preparation will go in vain. 

  • Reading question lamely

If you are just reading the question of the defence exam lamely without much concentration. Then there is no denying the fact that you will miss some part of the question in the answer.  It usually happens with aspirants when they come back home and check the question paper. They remain surprised that they haven’t covered the whole demand of the question in the answer. According to most professionals, half-knowledge about anything is quite dangerous. So read the question properly to write the whole answer in a fulfilling manner. For cracking the CDS exam in a limited duration you can always link with the best CDS coaching.

  • Relying on the external source

The candidate should note that they are the whole sole source that is responsible for the entire preparation in the defence exam. It’s okay to study from YouTube, online videos, coaching institutes or anything else. However, following them blindly can do major harm to you. Self-study is the only thing that can become a building bridge towards the success of your defence exam preparation.