How to Manage Your Unplanned Expenses with an Instant Personal Loan


Financial emergencies may strike without warning. Whether facing a medical emergency, having enormous wedding expenses, or wanting to renovate a home, a personal loan is an excellent way to fund immediate cash crises. Applying for a personal loan is an online process that guarantees quick funds disbursal, restoring your immediate liquidity.  

Why Apply for a Personal Loan?

Various factors constitute the best personal loans, making them the most popular choice while catering to unplanned expenses such as (i) Quick and easy loan processing; (ii) fast loan approval; (iii) higher loan amount; (iv) affordable interest rates; (v) hassle-free online process; (vi) no collateral required. Resorting to a personal loan serves multiple needs. The best personal loans comprise a blend of these metrics, offering you the most suitable loan conditions.

How to Manage Unplanned Expenses with an Instant Personal Loan?

Here is a study into how you can manage unplanned expenses using an instant personal loan.

1. Maintain a good credit score – A good credit score helps you get an instant personal loan at a lower interest rate. Most lending institutions set a constraint of a minimum CIBIL score of 750 to qualify for a personal loan. Your credit score guarantees your repaying ability, which helps the lender gauge their credit risk. As a result, a higher score entitles you to more attractive interest rates. Other than the credit score, a few parameters help determine loan eligibility, such as the applicant’s age, income etc. Fullerton India offers a free loan eligibility calculator that estimates your eligible personal loan amount.  

2. Disclose all your income sources – While applying for a personal loan, you must disclose all your income sources in your personal loan documents to the lending institution. Additional sources of income, such as rental income or side business, help enhance the loan applicant’s profile. In addition, having more significant sources of income in your personal loan documents helps NBFCs gain more confidence in your loan-repaying ability, which qualifies you for more attractive offers and interest rates.

3. Select a suitable repayment tenure – One of the most critical factors while taking a loan is the repayment. Ensure you borrow the loan amount as per your requirements. You must select the suitable repayment tenure that matches your repaying ability. A shorter repayment tenure may impose higher EMIs that may become unaffordable. On the other hand, a more extensive term may needlessly extend your loan. The best idea is to analyse your future expenses to ascertain the most suitable repayment tenure. A personal loan EMI calculator is a helpful tool for evaluating the value of future EMIs that can help you understand your expenses. Fullerton India offers a free personal loan EMI calculator that enables you to assess your future EMIs. The calculator factors input elements such as loan amount, tenure and interest rate and generate future EMIs. The EMI calculator, therefore, is an excellent tool while planning for a personal loan.

4. Maintain a strong track record – Maintaining a strong track record of your personal loan and paying your EMIs on time is crucial. Any gaps in your EMI payments may attract additional charges from your lender and may even impact your credit score. It would be best to draw up a budget in advance to plan the loan repayment.

5. Select the right lending institution – Numerous financial institutions grant personal loans. However, assessing the right lender before applying for a loan is critical. Analysing several key metrics can help you evaluate the right lender, such as interest rate, service, hidden charges etc. Fullerton India offers instant personal loans up to Rs. 25 Lakhs with attractive interest rates as low as 11.99% per annum, quick loan disbursal and a 100% paperless application process. Moreover, Fullerton India manages a straightforward loan application process, providing collateral-free loans for self-employed and salaried individuals at no hidden charges. for your personal loan.


Availing an instant personal loan can be one of the best solutions when facing a cash crunch. The terms and conditions associated with a personal loan are simple, making your experience smooth and hassle-free. Ensure you select the right NBFC, identify a suitable repayment tenure, and pay your EMIs on time. Fullerton India offers instant personal loans where you can access the desired funds shortly after loan approval.

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