How To Elevate a Boring Cup of Coffee

Cup of Coffee

When made right, coffee is able to provide the best morning perk. Not only that, but having a great cup of coffee in the morning always sounds good. So good, in fact, you will love how you are able to quickly keep money in your pocket by skipping your local barista. Besides this, we have a few other ways how to elevate a boring cup of coffee.

Make Sure Your Coffee And Grinder are Quality

With a quality coffee bean in your hands, you now need to grind it. Before you grind, ensure that the whole coffee beans you purchase are of the highest quality. When you are ready to grind your coffee, you need to ensure to also use a good quality grinder. For the freshest cup of coffee, make sure that your beans are ground the same morning as the coffee is prepared.

The reasoning is that once coffee beans have been ground, oxidation quickly begins. This oxidation will lead to a lot of flavor loss. This is what happens when the ground coffee is sitting on a store shelf well past its “use by” date. If you do decide to grind all of your whole coffee beans, you should store them in an airtight container until you use them.

Boost its Flavor Output

Stop buying the extra creamers that don’t offer anything and begin incorporating a flavor boost in a natural way so that you can add a bit of extra goodness. A good start is to add some chai or a bit of cinnamon. You can also add some coconut milk for a tropical addition to your coffee regardless of where you call home.

Turn It Into the Perfect Affogato

When you want your morning coffee to be on the sweeter side, then you can turn it into an affogato. This can be accomplished through the addition of ice cream or gelato to your espresso. You can make this with both caffeinated or decaf coffee beans. If you are also looking for a nightcap that is true to the name, then adding some Irish cream to your affogato will do the trick. You can then top it all off with some chocolate and mint.

Obtain an Ideal Ratio of Coffee and Water

When you make coffee, it can be pretty intense if you do not measure the coffee and ensure that the ratio of coffee and water is ideal. You can accomplish the perfect ratio when you measure coffee and the amount of water. Also, with water, it is best to ensure that the water is bottled. This will ensure that your coffee is the best tasting it can be.

Percolate your Coffee

When you percolate your coffee with a coffee maker, your coffee is separated from the grounds after the coffee is finished dripping. The coffee that is percolated will likely not have a strong taste as compared to a French press unless more coffee grounds are added.

With that said, an alternative method to percolating the coffee is with a French press. The French Press is a great way to achieve a rich coffee flavor. The process is easy and only requires you to press the plunger so that it separates the grounds after steeping.

Create Specialty Coffee Drinks

When you want a total change from normal black coffee, then you can switch it up and create a special type of coffee drink. When you know the basics, you will be able to quickly whip up a mocha or latte in no time. If you are planning to go the special route, then you should get a few pointers from your local coffee shop for some pointers.

A great example is a mocha. This drink is basically a shot of express, chocolate, and milk. You will only need to heat the milk and have the coffee strong enough to resemble espresso. Once completed, you can add many flavors to make many combinations.


Having a cup of coffee in the morning means you are looking forward to a great start. When you are looking for different ways to change up your coffee game, then the above examples will do the trick. Try each method and see which one you like most.

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