An Informative Overview About How Tall is Snooki, Early Life, Education, Personal Life, Career, And Net Worth

how tall is snooki


Snooki is an American nationalist famous for his contribution to American reality television shows. Snooki start gaining popularity when she worked in “Jersy Shore” and “Jersy Shore: Family Vacation.” Both reality shows were telecasted on “MTV.” Due to her television appearance, Snooki has made many fan bases. And all her desperate fans always want more information about her. Like they want to know how tall Snooki is, about her early life, career, personal life, and net worth. Snooki is a famous TV star; you can learn a lot about her in this article. So, keep reading the article till the end to get the answer to all the questions you have had so far.

Early life

By birth, Snooki was not an American city as she was born in Santiago, Chile. The date of birth of Snooki is November 23, 1987. By profession, the father of Snooki is a firefighter who adopted this profession voluntarily. And the mother of Snooki was an office manager. In her early days, Snooki spent almost six months with her parents; after that, she was adopted by “Andy” and “Helen Polizzi.” Andy and Helen Polizzi belong to American and Italian nationalities. After the adaptation, Snooki is live and raised by her stepparents and spent most of her early days in Florham Park, New Jersey.


The original name of Snooki is “Nicole Elizabeth LaValle,” and Snooki is her nickname. She got the nickname when she was a student in middle school by her friends. In reality, “Sanokie” was the film name of a male actor who showed his acting skills in a movie named “Save the last dance.” After completing her middle school studies, Snooki took admission to a school in Marlboro, New York.

While she was in high school, she was an active cheerleader

When Snooki completed her high school education, she was admitted to “Brookdale Community College” and completed her college education as “Veterinary Technician.” Personal life The love story of Jionni and Snooki starts in 2010 when they met each other in a nightclub. After the first meeting, they began dating each other, and after two years of dating, they decided to get engaged. They did so in March 2012, and after six months of engagement, the couple announced they would welcome their first baby. The first child of Snooki was born in August 2012. After two years of engagement, Snooki and Jionni married in November 2014. As of 2022, Snooki has three children, and the following are the name of all of them:

  • Lerenzo Dominic LaValle
  • Giovanna Marie LaValle
  • Angelo James LaValle
  • August 26, 2012, marks the birth of Giovanna Marie LaValle.

Lerenzo Dominic

LaValle was born on November 26, 2014, and the last child of Snooki Angelo was born on May 30, 2019. How tall is Snooki? What is the age and weight of Snooki? When Snooki was a student, she had a very bad habit of overeating. Due to overeating, she gains a lot of weight in her childhood. But with time, Snooki took a lot of care about her health. Now at the age of 34 years, the weight of Snooki is only 96 pounds, and she has a height of four feet and nine inches. According to her height and weight, she has a perfect BMI ratio which indicates good health of Snooki.

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Reality shows In 2009 Snooki gained huge success when she was part of a reality show named “Jersey Shore” under the production of MTV. Before 2009 she had done great work in another reality show named “Is she going out with him.” In her first reality show, Snooki had to go out and date arrogant men. “Is she going out with him” reality show was also a mighty product of MTV television. After working in “Jersey Shores” in 2009, Snooki had got a lot of contracts, and she appeared in the following TV reality shows and series till 2010:

  • MTV Video Music Award
  • MTV Europe Music Award Show
  • Cake Boss
  • Award function Talk shows In her career, Snooki also participated in several talk shows.

The list of talk shows in which she had done work are as follows:

  • Confessions of a Guidette
  • Gorilla Beach
  • Gorilla Beach
  • Baby Bumps
  • A Shore Thing Appearance in WWE Snooki also appeared in a WWE show as a guest hostess in March 2011.

She had participated in the “Monday night raw” episode. In this show, she fought with “Lay cool.” Though this is a very tough clash, somehow Snookie won the clash. Host Snooki also appeared in multiple Television shows and award shows as a host.

The name of her shows as host are as follows:

  • Welcome party of 2012 New Year
  • Being CMT Music Award
  • MTV’s Club New Year’s Evening 2013 Business adventure Along with her TV career, Snooki also has a lot of business and brands.

In business, Snooki focus in investing in the following items:

  • Fragrances
  • Slippers
  • Beauty products
  • Sunglasses
  • Fashion items
  • Lotions
  • Handbags
  • Baby products She had made multiple brands selling these items.

The brands that Snooki owns are as follows:

  • Snooki by Nicole Polizzi
  • Snooki Love
  • Snooki Couture
  • MAWA Snooki

Net worth

A famous TV personality has made money throughout her career. Her career is comprised on multiple dimensions. As of 2022, the net worth of Snooki is approximately four million US dollars. Snooki’s career is still going on and at its peak. She is continuously piling up her net worth.

What is the source of Snooki’s income?

By the final season of Jersey Shore, Snooki made $150,000 per episode, up from $2,200 in the first season.

Does Lauren Jersey Shore receive any compensation?

In addition to her appearances on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Lauren continues to earn a living for herself and her family. For sponsored content on her social media sites, she earns a respectable $4,500 per post.

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