What are the brands of watches that are pawnable


While smartwatches are popular these days, iconic luxury brands and rare timepieces remain highly valuable in the market, making them easily pawnable.

Before smartwatches dominated the market, analog watches were on the wrists of the people. Traditional timepieces may not allow you to message contacts and alert you of your heart rate, but they are more precious and timeless, making them perfect heirlooms. 

Due to their matchless craftsmanship, nothing can beat iconic watch brands that hold market value. The incomparable design, reputable artistry, mechanical precision, rarity, and technical complexity are qualities that set coveted timepieces apart and award watch brands their luxury stature in horology. 

Quintessential watch brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, and Audemars Piguet are some of the watchmaking industry’s highly sought-after names, making them precious assets that can be pawned and used for a loan. 

Why are these luxury brands highly appraised? Learn more about the industry’s most pawnable watches below.  

  1. Rolex

With its rich history and unrivaled craftsmanship, Rolex has become one of the world’s most renowned and coveted luxury Swiss brands. Some of its iconic models include the Submariner, Deepsea, Daytona, and Oyster Perpetual. 

On top of it being the first-ever watch to come back from the peak of Mount Everest in perfect condition, it was also one of the first brands to engineer a dive watch successfully. 

  • Patek Philippe

Another well-known timeless brand, Patek Philippe, is one of the most popular collectible luxury timepieces that may double as an asset against a loan when need be. 

Many prominent personalities worldwide have worn Patek Philippe, from celebrities and music artists to athletes. Apart from being a status symbol, one factor that sets the brand apart from other luxury timepieces is that it crafts most watches by hand. 

Some top models you should invest in include Aquanaut, Nautilus, Calatrava, and Grand Complications.

  • Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer has come a long way. The brand started as the official timekeeper of motor races and the Olympic games. It further cemented its prominence through the years as it became the first Swiss timepiece in space, earning its stripes as an acclaimed brand across the globe. 

The company is also the first Swiss luxury brand to release smartwatches. Today, its high-quality craftsmanship and impeccable and innovative watchmaking make it highly valuable among watch collectors. While not all models fall under luxury timepieces, more iconic, high-end models often hold their value well, including Acquaracer, Carrera, and Monaco.

  • Omega

More than its tenured and reputable history, Omega has remained committed to creativity by consistently working on improving its timepieces. Some of its top models include Seamaster Diver, Speedmaster, and Constellation. As innovation continues to be at the heart of the luxury Swiss brand, its unmatched mechanical precision and craft have only improved with time. 

  • Breitling

Léon Breitling founded Breitling in 1884. With over 135 years of history, the luxury watch brand is synonymous with quality timepieces that are sturdy, precise, intricate, and elegant. It has established its brand and reputation in science and aviation as Breitling has become the trusted brand for pocket watches and clocks. 

Today, the brand commits to carrying the iconic winged “B” logo as it continues to be affiliated with the aviation world since it first launched its most well-known model, the Breitling Navitimer, in 1952. This most acclaimed model rightfully earned recognition across the globe as the company crafted it to assist pilots in calculating speeds, fuel consumption, and flight paths. 

Other popular Breitling models include the Breitling TransOcean Unitime, Cosmonaute Chronograph, and Breitling Superocean. 

  • Audemars Piguet 

Continuously making their mark across the world for over 140 years, Audemars Piguet is a prominent Swiss watchmaker that has been manufacturing unrivaled timepieces since 1875. 

In creating some of the most highly sophisticated and technically complex timepieces in the watch industry, Audemars Piguet has been named part of the Holy Trinity. This prestigious stature is granted to the brand as it sits at the forefront of innovative watchmaking and high-quality craftsmanship. 

Audemars Piguet cemented its cult status and earned its place in the world of horology on the release of the Royal Oak in 1972—as the brand flawlessly married sports and luxury. Since then, it has been one of the most coveted timepieces globally, and the trend continues until this day. 

Key Takeaway If you need some fast cash and own any of the mentioned watch brands and models, make sure your luxury timepiece is in good working condition before heading to a reputable pawnshop to get the best value. Additionally, it helps to have your watch’s papers, certificate, proof of purchase, or authenticity documentation with you when your local pawnshop assesses it