How to Prepare Notes for CBSE Class 12 Board Exams?

Class 12 Board Exams

Board exams are the turning point in every student’s life. There are several students who appear for CBSE Class 12 board exams every year. These students have immense pressure and stress to perform well in the exam. Due to which, they feel anxiety and negative thoughts start coming to them. So, to avoid such situations, students must start paying attention from the beginning of their academic session. They must prepare notes while studying. Preparing the notes will help in last-minute revision as well. Here, we have provided some tips for preparing the study notes.

Tips for Preparing the Class 12 Study Notes

Most students face problems in creating the notes. They don’t know how to make notes and what topics they should focus on. So, to help them in preparing effective CBSE Notes, we have provided some useful tips below.

1. Read the chapter from NCERT books

Before starting to prepare the notes, students must make sure that they have read the entire chapter thoroughly through the NCERT book. It would be better if they go through it once by themselves and then again read the chapter for better understanding. Doing so will also help them in creating effective notes.

2. Note the down the topics in short forms

When students are done reading the chapter, then they can start making the notes as they have understood the chapter. So, while creating the notes, students should cover those topics which they find important and difficult to recall. They should note down the story in the form of short notes. So it will be easy for them to recall the topics.

3. Use diagrams, charts and tables to remember the topics

Students must make sure that wherever possible, they should use diagrams, charts and tables. Gathering the information in this way will help students to remember the topic so easily. If they want, they can also stick the diagram in their study areas so they can revise by looking at them every time when they sit for studies.

4. Use heading, subheading and bulletins

While creating the notes, using the heading, subheading and bulletins will make the notes crisp and short. Also, it will be easier for students to recall the topics quickly. So, while making notes, students must build such habits.

5. Create a separate formula sheet

For subjects like maths, there are a lot of formulas which students find difficult to remember. So, for this, students can create a  separate formula sheet or notebook where they can list down the important formulas of each chapter. In this way, they can refer to these formulas wherever they forget any formula or have doubts while solving a problem. The similar tips students can use to create the chemical equation and physics equations formula sheets for chemistry and physics subjects. This will be extremely useful while revising the Electrochemistry Class 12 Notes. If students want, they can create the notes of all the major subjects in a similar way. It will extremely help them during exam preparation and also speed up their revision time for the exam.

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