Become a Travel Blogger–The trend of dynamic young people


In today’s active life, young people always want to discover new things. Becoming a travel blogger and going everywhere, sharing those things with everyone is one of the ways many people choose.

In the past, picking up and going with a backpack was only for those who could afford it because traveling took a lot of time. If you don’t have experience, it costs a lot more money. For many people, travel bloggers are genuinely the people they admire.

Many travel bloggers blog because they are passionate. They go and write, so many people can only do it for a short time. When it is no longer economical to continue the trip, that’s when the blog stops working.

Becoming a travel blogger is not difficult, and it is challenging how long you do it and how attractive your blogging is. With the vigorous development of the internet, travel bloggers can go anywhere they want and still be able to work to serve their passion.

Becoming a travel blogger is not just a few months when you go on a trip, then write a post about that trip. You have to have a passion, discover new things, share it with people, and importantly, know how to make money from those trips.

Ways to make money for those of you who love to travel

Blogging about travel

Blogging is a sustainable way of making money for travel bloggers. There’s nothing better than being able to travel and earn money at the same time. I will share how to do this below.

Make a vlog about travel

Travel blogs are travel articles, and travel Vlogs are travel videos. You can share travel videos on the website, however, if a website specializes in videos, it requires a significant investment in promotion.

In my experience, a blog with only a video in the article will be challenging for Seo. Advertising is the fastest way to bring the website to readers.

Travel vloggers often choose Youtube as a way to make money. Videos uploaded to Youtube will be easily accessible to viewers. Learn how to make videos professionally, and don’t get copyrighted by the music included in the video.

FlexClip is a video-making tool that many people use.

Writing articles about travel

Many news sites have a travel section, and you can write articles on them to receive royalties. In my opinion, this way does not make much money.

I think it should only be applied for the first time when your blog has not yet generated money. Otherwise, save the best articles and your personal blog’s most exciting experiences.


This is also the way to get income. Donate means donate. After sharing about the trip, Travel bloggers or vloggers will encourage you to donate to encourage them by giving them a little to boost their morale.

This way, I share it for everyone to know, but I don’t really find it suitable, and if it were me, I wouldn’t do it either.


The sales platform I share here is Facebook. You can share your travel experiences and travel experiences on your personal Facebook or create a Fanpage.

Once your Facebook has an extensive enough following, you can directly sell the items that you take with you on trips.

Many of you have used all of the above ways to make money, but the most used is to become a blogger. I will share with you how to create a travel blog.

A guide to creating a travel blog

To become a blogger in general and a travel blogger in particular, you should know how to create your blog. You can rent it, but no one wants to hire it if you really can. Creating a personal blog is very easy, and I think you will regret it if you haven’t read my instructions and rented it right away.

The platform I choose to encourage blogging is WordPress. In this blog, I guide you through creating a website with three steps, including:

  • Step 1: Buy hosting and domain name.
  • Step 2: Instructions to create a website with WordPress.
  • Step 3: Set up a complete WordPress website.

It was nearly done. At this point, you can already see your website in action. However, the point that makes websites different and makes your blog stand out and realize a travel blog is an interface, also known as the WordPress Theme.

The theme that many people use in recent times is Themeforest ‘s theme. The interface is simple but eye-catching, and Themeforest will give users one free theme every month.

Many bloggers today use personal blogs with Themeforest’s theme. The price is relatively low, only from $ 19 to $ 45.

I sincerely advise you never to download free paid themes shared online.

Ways to make money from travel blogs

Google Adsense

Google Adsense advertising is always the first way to make money that comes to mind for every blogger in general and travel bloggers. There are two ways to make money from Google Adsense: Google Adsense Content from your blog or Adsense Hosted from Youtube. If possible, you can combine both.

Tourism is growing, so travel blogs are also attracting more and more visitors. So if your blog grows in the right direction, you can earn a lot in this form.

Affiliate Marketing

With each personal blog that does not use affiliate marketing to make money, it is a waste, in my opinion. Today, all fields or small niches have their affiliate marketing programs, and tourism is no exception because this is a vast and potential niche.

Affiliate marketing programs for travel blogs include:

  • This is a giant in the travel industry. Signing up for Affiliate Booking is entirely free with a withdrawal threshold of $100. Support withdrawal via Paypal.
  • Agoda’s affiliate program is also worth joining. To participate, you must have a blog or a website to be accepted. The minimum withdrawal threshold 200$ with a commission of up to 60%.
  • TripAdvisor: Another big man in the travel industry. TripAdvisor affiliate program with up to 50% commission. The commission structure is tiered and paid monthly.

If you do affiliate marketing in Vietnam, you can join the very famous affiliate network, Accesstrade.

Sell advertising directly

If you don’t like Google Adsense or any other ad network, you can sell ads directly to businesses. You will probably make more money, but it will take more work. You have to do the trading yourself, determine the price yourself, and maybe you will have to design the banner ad yourself. And with this way, the blog needs to have a lot of visitors to have a tenant.

Selling on blogs

As I said above, selling items on a blog is also an excellent way to make money. There is no need to use Facebook to sell, and you can create a store right on the blog to sell. The items sold on travel blogs should be travel-related items that will be easier to sell.

Ebooks are also items that can be sold on blogs, ebooks documenting the journey to conquer the most difficult places, the most beautiful places will be beautiful to readers. If the blog is in English, selling Ebooks is potential.


There are many other ways, but I think this is enough for newbies. The potential of tourism in Vietnam in particular and in the world is enormous. If you have sat on that gold mine, you should learn how to exploit it.

Readers always want to read actual experiences from bloggers’ trips, not PR articles written to attract readers of travel agencies.

As a young person, think big. I am also an admirer of young people who dare to carry their backpacks and go to experience, explore the country and people, and promote the tourism of the homeland. And see what you can do.

Have you become a travel blogger? Please share your experience in the comments below. If you have trouble creating or editing your travel blog, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d be happy to help you on your travels.

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