Time To Tutor? When To Get A Tutor For Your Child


Issues such as bullying also make it challenging for parents to get their children in productive mode during Key Stages. Subjects like Maths, Science and English are loaded with complex concepts and theories. The good news is there are expert tutors of Key Stage 1 in High Wycombe and other areas of the UK. So, they can share the burden of the student’s work as your kid progresses into higher learning stages. 

Tutor For My Child- Should I get One?  

There is no doubt that different children have different abilities and skills, making some unsuitable for school settings. While one particular child may do well under the traditional classroom interactions between teacher and students, another may not benefit from it as much as the former. 

If a child’s academic performance does not match your expectations for some reason, parents should not lose hope. In most cases, the parents have to provide their child with a private tutor to facilitate the learning process. 

The following are five signs that your child has trouble learning in school. 

1.Distant Behaviour and Aloofness

Parents are often unaware that even children can suffer from depression and take the pressure. You should pay attention after your child comes home from school and shows distant behaviour. The academic demands of the school may be too much for him, and he is having a hard time dealing with them. By providing them with quality online private tuition, you can support them.

2. Avoidance of School Topics 

Children who struggle academically tend to avoid talking about them and leave academic topics out of the conversation. It can indicate that your child needs educational assistance if they behave in this manner.

Often, your child will become ill. However, they remain out of school to not have to deal with their problems – however, the more time they spend away from school, the worse it gets!

3. Increased Dependence

When the child who does work without depending on anyone suddenly starts to rely on others to do their routine school tasks is a sign that they are losing it. The change from self-reliance to relying on someone else suggests that the child needs your assistance. Although these things look small, they make a huge difference in child confidence and their ability to perform in studies.

4. Bad Temper and Need Of Tutor For Your Child

There may be something wrong when your child is upset and appears to flare up over trivial issues. Then it means the child is under stress. An effective way to deal with a child’s bad temper is to identify all possible problems. It may include school issues.

If there is a change in your child’s behaviour, such as mood changes, foul language, drugs, and truancy are just a few ways negative feelings will start to manifest in your child. So, having a sense of self-assurance and confidence in one’s abilities will make a child less likely to pick up these bad habits.

There is no doubt that the above conditions don’t represent the entire picture of your child’s problems at school. As a parent, you shouldn’t assume that poor grades suggest an inability to solve problems.

5. Bad Reports And Exam Anxiety Indicate the Need of  Tutor for Your Child 

The child starts to miss out on homework assignments and develop exam anxiety. Your child does not want you to see proof of their incompetence at school. Your child may feel extreme pressure not to show you bad results if you have been trying to get them to perform well.

Around exam time, your child acts nervous or fidgety. It is natural for a child to be nervous around exam time. Stress can become overwhelming for students who are not comfortable with their performance. Online tutoring is critical for your child, as it can help your kid go through a difficult time in academics and maintain the learning pace.


Tuition for your child can raise the grades and enhance the study flow of your kid. Every child is different from another and performs uniquely in certain circumstances. So, if your kids have a hard time with any subjects at any stage, a tutor can assist you. Nevertheless, Key Stage 1 tutors in High Wycombe to Key Stage 2,3,4 instructors are at your doorsteps to enable your child to reach its full potential.