Handy Guide About Shoulder Length Bob Braids Including Top 5 Hairstyles Ideas

shoulder length bob braids

All women on earth want to look pretty, and they do a lot of things to look better and better. Women often try unique clothing styles and use top-notch makeup to get a great look. Along with all these efforts, if a woman gives attention and tries the modern style, then it is possible that she got a better version of herself in appearance. Among all the latest hairstyles, “Should length bob braids” has a distinguished status to give you a fantastic look. In this article, you will get a complete overview of shoulder length bob braids and different styles in this hairstyle category.

Shoulder length bob braids

Shoulder length bob braids hairstyle is currently in trend. A lot of famous personalities are adopting this hairstyle to look more awesome. Shoulder length bob braids exactly look like bob hair cut style. However, the length of shoulder length bob braids is between short and medium.

  • The shortest hair length in this style could be chin-length.
  • This hairstyle’s maximum length could not exceed the shoulder or collarbone length.

Advantages of shoulder length bob braids

You can get many benefits if you adopt shoulder length bob braids. Some benefits of shoulder length braids are described below:

  • These braids are known as protective hairstyles. You can get protection for many hair-related problems if you choose length bob braids as your hairstyle.
  • The second benefit you can get from shoulder length bob braids is that you have many hairstyles to choose from because your bob braids can be styled in many ways.
  • Hairstyles take a lot of time daily for maintenance. If you have bob braids, you can free yourself from the tension of maintaining your hairstyle. The care of bob braids is straightforward.
  • Because bob braids can be maintained easily, you can save a lot of time focusing on other necessary work.

Top 5 shoulder length bob braids styles

If you want a classic bob braid look, read the complete article. Following are some of the mostly adopted shoulder length bob braids hairstyles:

Shoulder length bob braid with black tribal style

If you want the classiest bob braid style, you must try a shoulder-length bob braid with a black tribe style. It would help if you made this style with more care for an elegant look. Precision is a key in the making of this hairstyle.

  • It would help if you made braids with exciting patterns to get a black tribal bob braid hairstyle.
  • In this hairstyle, two braids are in the center of the hair, which are covered with the ring from the front side. Central braids give you a simple yet unique look.
  • With wooden beads, you can also make the black tribal braid hairstyle more elegant. These beads must be added in the end of your hair.
  • The length of these black tribal braids must not be increased or decreased from your shoulder.
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Shoulder length micro braid

This is also a stunning shoulder length bob braid hairstyle. One thing that must be considered while making this style is that you must be very careful about the detail of micro braids. In micro braids hairstyle, the hairdresser makes a lot of tiny braids on your head, and the length of this hairstyle reaches almost to the shoulder. Because this is a highly complex hairstyle, making micro braids took much longer than any other normal hairstyle. So, before scheduling to make shoulder length micro braids, you should make sure that you have enough time. In this hairstyle, the specific braids pattern is discouraged, and an asymmetrical microbraid gives you a much prettier look.

Shoulder length bob braids with long and short cut

Next in a line shoulder length bob braid hairstyle also create a very awesome look. In this hairstyle, long braids are made from the front side. With these long braids, shoulder length braids are made from the side hairs. This asymmetry of long and short hair gives you a new and elegant look. You can also try the cornrow style from your side hair. Different types of accessories can make this hairstyle more beautiful. For example, you can use beads on the ends of the hair, especially cooper or golden color beads, which are the perfect accessories for this hairstyle.

Shoulder length bob braids with curly ends

Of many bob braids’ hairstyles, this is one of the best braids you can try to get a more funky look. This style is made with regular thing braids; the difference between this style and traditional bob braids is that you diligently make curls at the end of the hair with the help of flex rods or perm rods. The length of this hairstyle must be at your shoulder; otherwise, you will miss the elegance of this hairstyle.

Partially tie up shoulder length bob braid

If you want a different look, you can try partially tie up shoulder length bob braids. This hairstyle has many similarities with the micro braids hairstyle, but one difference is present, which makes this hairstyle unique. Different partitions of braids are made to give a new look for partially tie-up shoulder-length bob braids. For making these partitions, you can use strings of different colors. White color strings are preferable; however, you could use the string color according to your dress so that complete harmony could prevail in your personality.


After reading this article, you know about shoulder length bob braid. You also get the information about why you should adopt this hairstyle by reading about the different benefits of bob braids, and in the last section of this article, you read about the top 5 shoulder length bob braids. Now you can more easily decide whether you should go for this hairstyle or not.

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