How to Practice Sustainable & Trendy Fashion Options


As more people become aware of the serious environmental impact of the clothing industry, the sustainable fashion movement keeps growing. Practicing sustainable fashion habits can help the environment in a big way. But creating a sustainable wardrobe from scratch seems like a daunting task. You might have to let go of your favorite brands and spend a bit more than you usually do on clothes. Here are tips to help you get started.

1. Give Vintage and Secondhand Clothes a Chance

Consider purchasing pre-owned clothes when looking to expand your wardrobe. Vintage items are also highly accessible these days. With vintage, you can find one-of-a-kind clothes that no one else has. A statement piece can make you stand out and look trendy without trying too much. Vintage is the best way to flaunt your unique style and inner personality. Secondhand clothes get a bad rap most of the time. But you can get a great deal with access to quality items at a fair price. Besides being sustainable, you will also save a great deal of money. Change your perspective and try something you wouldn’t usually do.

2. Try Renting

Try renting clothes instead of buying new ones, especially for special occasions. Buying a fancy dress or suit, which you will only use once or twice, seems unnecessary. It’s very easy to rent any type of outfit these days. There are shops dedicated to renting clothing items to those in need. Renting cuts your budget by half or even more. It’s a chance to access an unlimited wardrobe and significantly reduce your clothing waste. Companies are now renting handbags, shoes, and even accessories to go with your outfits. If you don’t want to invest heavily in clothes, renting is the ultimate solution. To take your sustainability to the next step, you should consider donating clothes you are not using from your collection. This ensures your clothes have a second life, and you will be conscious about how you dispose of used outfits.

3. Buy Items You Will Use All Year Round

Changing your shopping habits is the first step to being more sustainable. Spend most of your money on timeless pieces that will see you through more than one season. Extreme buying habits every season leads to clothing waste which is a big issue. Dressing smarter doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the latest trends. Various brands offer trendy, timeless pieces that will have you look your best no matter the season. You should also try to buy fewer items that are high quality. For example, merino wool socks are stylish, versatile, and high quality. When you fill your wardrobe with such items, you won’t have to shop for clothes every other day. Quality over quantity always works when you want to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Remember, only buy items you need and are going to use repeatedly.

4. Repair Your Clothes Before Ditching Them

When your heel breaks or you accidentally rip your clothes, learn how to repair or find a good tailor. The clothing item might not be damaged beyond repair, but it can be a great excuse to shop for new things. To help you stop such shopping habits, repair it until you feel it can’t be repaired anymore. Sometimes being sustainable is as simple as finding a great tailor. Repairing is also a chance to hold on to your favorite outfits for much longer. Missing buttons, malfunctioning zips, and small holes are easy to fix. You can also repurpose clothes when they get damaged. Anything that will help you use the clothes longer is great. Take proper care of your items to help them last for years.

5. Use Sustainable Fashion Brands

The biggest sustainable move to make is discovering ethical or sustainable brands. Many fashion companies are working towards reducing their carbon footprint; those are the companies you should be supporting. These fashion houses also put out very stylish clothes from recycled Mother Nature’s materials. Instead of walking into a store and buying clothes, try to understand who the manufacturers are and how they make the items. Be more informed; that will help you operate with a more sustainable focus mind. A bit of research before shopping goes a long way, you should shop from brands that align with your values.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know where to start, you can begin creating a more sustainable wardrobe and be more mindful of your fashion choices. Making small changes go a long way. Rethink your purchasing habits and always go for quality, timeless fashion pieces.

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