Proven Methods to Increase the 4G LTE Data Speed


We all know how scary the poor internet connection is and the ways it ruins our day-to-day tasks. It hinders online video streaming, webpages load slowly, and buffering seems impossible at times. In simple terms, everyday living can not be simply imagined without the convenience of mobile phone signal booster installation or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Cellular data speeds are impacted by numerous variables. The majority of the time, it contains information on the operating system, updates, phone characteristics, the weather, etc. How are you going to get over the issues with internet speed now?

Don’t worry!!

You can install signal boosters for mobile. Additionally, the DAS cabling comes as the best solution to cellular data speed concerns. The distributed antenna system ensures delivering required network coverage and increased bandwidth. Thus, there are minimal hassles with 4G LTE data speeds.

Our below write-up will include every cause behind poor mobile data speed. Also, there are proven tactics you can implement to improve internet speed.  

Factors That Cause Sluggish Mobile Data Speeds

Mobile Device Is Not Up-to-Date

The outdated phone’s operating system affects the cellular connection quality. So, whenever facing a slow data speed issue, check whether the mobile device is updated to the recent software version or not.

Cellular Signal Tower Congestion

The data rates lower when the number of users increases on the signal tower. However, such traffic depends on the band variations. Here, using a mobile phone signal booster or a hotspot can be beneficial. It will keep the congestion less and balanced with the frequencies. Thus, providing you access to the bands with reduced traffic.

Issues With Network Configurations

The device’s improper network configurations impact the LTE data speed. Sometimes the third-party installed apps disrupt the mobile data settings. Here, fixing the settings to default can solve the issue. 

Signal Quality

Do you know the quality of the LTE network’s signal calculated in SINR? When the SINR is increased, the connectivity speed is affected. Also, when the device is not connected to an outdoor antenna, the data speed fails to improve.

Data Throttling

When a user exceeds the data cap specified in their plan, their account is de-prioritized by the carriers through the process of throttling. Consequently, the data speed is decreased as much as possible.

Distance of Cellular Signal Tower

The farther your location is from the cellar tower, the poorer the signal strength. Therefore, lowering the data speeds.

Best Methods to Improve Quality of 4G LTE Data Speed

Buy Yourself a New Device

The older devices frequently have trouble accessing the new bands. However, you can quickly access these if you purchase a new hotspot or device. The reason is it is capable of supporting the newer versions of specifications and allows for increased data rates. 

Install External Antennas

Many major and reputable network carriers support external antenna ports. So, if you have a hotspot, look for the hotspot guide installation, use, etc. Remember such antennas help boost the signal quality, strength, and access bands that fail to reach indoors.

Signal Boosters Are Helpful 

The data speed and cellular signal work collaboratively in delivering the best browsing experience. When the signal received by the phone is strengthened, the LTE data speed increases. Thus, increasing the clear calls and quick messaging along with enhancing data speeds.

In addition, not all mobile devices come with hotspots or external antennas discussed above. In such cases, signal boosters are the best way to increase the 4G LTE data rates. These rectify the signals, allow easy transfer of signals, and boost the overall strength. Moreover, the options like Telstra mobile signal boosterand others enable wireless rebroadcasting of quality signals when connected with the external antennas.

Additional Methods to Boost 4G LTE Data Speed

Disable Wi-Fi Settings

Turn off the Wi-Fi connection as the device continues to use it even if the mobile data connectivity is strong. Thus, making the internet speed slow. In addition, your mobile will continue detecting the nearby networks available and try to build a connection. Thereby, utilizing the maximum battery life. Hence, you can try turning off the Wi-Fi settings and see if the mobile data performs well or not. 

Clean Internet Cache

Browsing caching improves the user experience. However, cached data in excess begins to impact the internet speed. So, clean as much as possible cache, especially for the apps that are mostly used.

Remove Unused Applications From Background

Both the excessive web pages and apps opened in the background lower the availability of the bandwidth. Hence, remove any of these operating in the background to avoid poor data speed performance.

Reboot the Device

It is one of the oldest methods that have mostly proven to be efficient. Often, people try restarting their mobile phones to reduce the data hassles. The data-consuming apps are shut down functioning in the background without you being aware.

MIMO Support

The 4 LTE devices and the signal towers are dependent on multiple antennas. This configuration is stated as Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO). It is well-known to boost data rates. If you install mobile phone signal boosters, these work on SISO or Single Input Single Output configuration. Here, the lack of any of these settings can be the reason.

Switch Carriers

Your current cell phone service provider can be the reason for poor data speeds. So, if you find that any other carrier can deliver you better services, switch without a doubt. Besides, cellular signal boosters come as the best solution.


Mobile data works best and most efficiently similar to the device that receives the signal from the nearby situated towers. However, it is your responsibility to optimize the device by decluttering, saving batteries, and updating the software from time to time. All this will ensure the maximum efficiency of the device and amplification of the phone signal.

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