How to Use Carpets to Make Your Rooms Feel More Spacious and Stylish


To the untrained eye, mansions featured in magazines such as Architectural Digest appear to span for miles on end. They appear limitless as if almost anything could be brought in. However, just like city apartments and suburban houses, mansions also have their beginnings and ends. The reason they appear to go on forever is their interior design.

For centuries, interior designers have worked on techniques to create lavish rooms out of relatively small spaces. They’ve manipulated natural light, earthy tones, petite plants, and surprisingly carpets to make a room seem larger than it actually is. Even though this article doesn’t hold all the secrets, it will still give you a few amazing tips on how to make your rooms both more spacious and lavish.

Is it a rug? Is It a plane? – No, it’s a carpet!

Before deciding on the color pattern and material, it’s important to determine what a home actually needs – is it a carpet or a rug? Carpets are materials that cover a room from wall to wall and are in general affixed to the floor. Rugs are on the other side of the spectrum, they’re smaller, take up only part of the floor, and can be easily moved from room to room.

Few people focus on semantics and getting the two confused is as common as it gets. However, while both can work their magic on home improvement, it’s important which one would trick the naked eye into thinking your home is more spacious than it is.

The right place at the right time

When it comes to carpeting, every homeowner has two options – doing the entire house or just a few rooms. While the first option is undoubtedly costlier, it brings a few additional benefits with it. For one, a carpeted house radiates uniformity, giving the living space a continuous flow. Because of drastically varying styles between rooms, some houses appear to be everywhere all at once. If a home is completely carpeted, it creates a feeling of unity and togetherness.

Furthermore, carpeted homes also have us thinking that they are vaster than we would have initially thought. The carpet creates a flow, tricking us into believing that distinct rooms blend together, thus seeming larger.

Patterns are a room’s best friend

Regardless of how much a person tries to avoid it, some rooms will just be overflown with chunky furniture. As a result, the room will appear smaller than it actually is. Fortunately, the right carpet or more specifically the right pattern will bring the room to its former glory (and size). Well-equipped shops, like the ones that sell unique carpets in Hong Kong, will have an abundance of patterns to choose from. However, the secret is picking the right one.

The golden rule is to go by room size. Thus, larger rooms require larger patterns, while smaller ones prefer carpets with petite and more peculiar patterns. In general, any room overtaken by large and bulky furniture will do well to have a small patterned carpet. It will draw attention away from the furniture and give an illusion of space that the room may be desperately in need of.

All the colors of the wind

As mentioned, interior designers often play with color to trick us into believing that a room is more spacious than it is. Interestingly, the same trick designers use to choose paint works for carpets as well. In short, light and natural color carpets will create the illusion of space, while darker, more defined tones will more clearly define the boundaries.

While the idea of a beige or crème carpet might sound unappealing, the trick is knowing what to pair it with. Thus, a nude carpet will work wonderfully with bold furniture or a unique centerpiece. Because of its neutrality, it won’t draw attention away from the most exquisite item in the room, while still managing to create a feeling of spaciousness.

Wrapping up

If anyone was skeptical of the power of carpets before reading this article, they should be turned into a true believer just about now. Carpets are an amazing way of creating the illusion of space in almost every room. With that said, there is the perfect type of flooring for every room, and for some, it doesn’t include carpets.

Certain homes have breathtaking hardwood floors and it would be simply wrong to carpet them away. Thus, before deciding on renovations, make sure to see which of these options works best for you!