SAT is one of the standardized exams which clearly means that it will have the same pattern and questions which are of the same type, repeated over the over. It offers the same time limit every year and number of questions also remains the same. It has been standardised like the said pattern because in this way the students get to know all the aspects of the exams. They can also have the sample question papers to solve as practice and become acquainted with the pattern. 

SAT certification adds extra credit to your profile but it is not easy to crack it. It requires a lot of concentrated and intense attention and proper study plan. The government around the world are trying to make it optional everywhere after the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are many universities which still requires it. There are certain new facts about this exam which every aspiring candidate should know. It includes the following: 

  • The perfect score for SAT is 1600 but only 0.03% of the students who appear for it are able to crack this. 
  • There are four sections of the exam which include reading, mathematics with no calculator assistance, mathematics with calculator assistance and writing. 
  • There also remains an optional essay in the paper. 
  • The time available for finishing the question paper is three hours. 
  • The exam has its focus on Australia. 
  • It is hosted on weekends by some schools.
  • The exam should be taken in the level 10 or level 11. 
  • It can be attempted more than one time. 



It is very important and crucial for the aspiring candidates to fully complete a practice test which will help in the diagnosis of the capability of the student. It will help the student to then plan their study according to their particular requirement. This will also help in identifying the areas which need extensive and moderate concentration or focus. A complete set of diagnostic tests are available on the site of assignment help Hobart. It has been found advantageous for many candidates. It will make you known with the pattern at an initial phase of study plan.


The next step involves the initiation of the preparation. The preparation of SAT needs all the attention and extensive involvement by the student. In this aspect, it is critical to remain realistic and develop a sensible objective. You have to be Specific in the topic chosen for the time; be Measurable in diving the study time; have a goal to Attainable focus; always be Relevant to the to the particular topic and act according to the Time-based plan of the study. This is a format which is known as SMART format for planning the study plan accordingly. The format covers all critical and important criterions of a SAT study-plan. 

This has been seen that the students do not get the desired SAT scores because the struggle remains hugely with the ineffective form of learning. Working smarter is more important than working harder. The section of mathematics is the easiest one which every candidate to work on. Writing is the easier one which should be the next priority. The toughest one being the reading section so hard work should be considered for this part. 

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This is the most exhausting step but if one had covered the initial and intermediate steps properly, then it would be a bit easy for this stage. 

  • Personalise the plan according to your needs. Everyone is not the same and the outline provided above is general. You can personalise the plan according to your capabilities and strengths. 
  • Practice is the key to success. This proves the best for cracking SAT paper. 
  • Undertaking the full tests from sample papers are important in every short interval of time to get acquainted with the pattern, the time limit and to evaluate the improvements. 

Finally, there are some hacks which can also be taken into consideration for shedding off the physical and mental stress from this preparation. Taking a walk is encouraged, rewriting and rewriting the notes, rewarding yourself for every tiny improvement to boost your confidence and practicing diagram would be beneficial.