How Do You Write An Employee Departure Email?


Employee turnover is a normal part of the enterprise world. Some quantity of transparency is essential while an worker leaves the agency, which includes saying the departure to the relaxation of the worker. An employee departure assertion ought to be expert, concise, descriptive and include statistics approximately what the rest of the worker can expect next.

In this text, we communicate the way to jot down an employee departure statement, and we encompass a template and examples to help you create your personal announcement.

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What Is Employee Departure Announcement?

An worker departure statement is a proper business corporation report notifying personnel and clients that every other worker is leaving the enterprise. The motive of the letter or electronic mail is to tell every body that the employee will now not be working for the business organisation. It may also moreover consist of records approximately a manner to control worker duties and communications after their go away date. The letter may additionally additionally consist of statistics inclusive of the date of go away, motive for leaving, and any facts about the farewell time table.

How to announce the departure of an employee

It is essential to announce the departure of an employee in a professional manner. Follow the ones steps even as drafting your electronic mail:

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1. Address The Office

Begin through addressing it to the correct birthday celebration or department. Depending on the scale of the organization, you could ship the letter to the complete business enterprise or without a doubt the worker’s branch. It is thoughtful to inform or straight away record the departing worker’s department that they’ll be leaving earlier than drafting and sending the declaration to an in depth listing of recipients.

2. State The Purpose Of The Letter

Begin the frame of your letter via citing your reason, this is that an worker is leaving the organization. Be wonderful to embody the employee’s call in the letter in order that body of workers participants recognize who’s leaving.

Three. List The Date Of Depart And Other Applicable Information

The most beneficial detail to encompass is an effective date. This is the reduce-off date for the worker’s employment with the business enterprise and gives coworkers time to put together for their go away.

You may also select to embody more details about the employee’s departure, particularly if they’re leaving for a fine motive, along side continuing their schooling or profession development. However, it’s miles regularly high-quality to pass over private data to permit the employee to percentage that records themselves.

Four. Provide Records For Next Steps

The cause of an worker departure letter is not quality to tell the employer of the employee’s departure, but to provide them with statistics approximately what they may be able to expect. This is a brilliant time to inform the agency that you may be hiring to fill the position or which you have already found a replacement. You also can consist of records approximately what employees need to do with communications or activity responsibilities that usually go to the departing worker.

Five. Include Facts About The Farewell Rite

It is critical to announce the departure of an employee as fast as feasible. This offers their fellow personnel time to put together and plan to attend any farewell rite. If your organization has decided to maintain an awesome-bye amassing, encompass data approximately the time, date and area of the occasion.

6. Express Gratitude

End the letter by way of thanking the overdue worker for his or her time or contribution. Whatever the cause in the lower back of the resignation, it is also a terrific concept to preserve the statement of departure quality. Touch on the worker’s superb tendencies and professional achievements. You can express any appreciation for the worker’s artwork with the corporation and invite other employees to do the identical.

Employee Departure Statement Template

There are numerous techniques you could use while developing your employee departure declaration, however the template beneath is an example you could use:

Dear [Company Name] Employee,

I am writing to inform you these days that [Employee Name] is leaving the Company, powerful [Date of Vacation]. [Employee’s name] has fixed [reason to leave]. As of [vacation date], please direct all department inquiries to [interim employee] till we are able to comfortable a alternative.

Please be a part of the workplace wreck room on [date] to bid our farewell to [employee name]. We greatly recognize the difficult art work [employee name] has achieved for us over the last [length of employment], and they’ll be disregarded. He has completed an vital position in [name contribution], and it will be difficult to replace him. I individually desire [employee’s name] success in all future endeavors.

With honesty,

[Your name]


Example Employee Departure Announcements

Here are  examples of employee departure bulletins:

Example 1: Formal

Dear Dillian Manufacturing Staff,

I am writing nowadays to inform you that Andrea Dinton is leaving the company, powerful September 28, 2021. Andrea has decided to further her schooling by the use of attending college.Full time. From 28 September, please andRefer all department inquiries to Daniel Rutger till we’re able to cozy a alternative.

Please be part of us on September twenty 6th at 4pm. To bid our farewell to Andrea inside the workplace damage room. We are so appreciative of the difficult work Andrea has carried out for us over the past 4 years, and she or he or he might be overlooked. He has played an essential role inside the increase of our purchaser pride department, and it is going to be tough to update that. I in my opinion want him success in all his destiny endeavours.

With honesty,

Beatrice Daniels

Vice President of Human Resources

Example 2: unintended

Dear Dotifee Employee,

I have been tasked with saying that Daisy Boyd is leaving Dotiff, powerful December 15. After eleven years in our jogging own family, she’s decided to spend more time in conjunction with her actual family, and we cannot blame her for that. Until we discover a replacement, please direct all questions from the branch to James Royce after December fifteenth.

This Friday, we at Doc’s have an awesome time Daisy with satisfied hour thru pronouncing farewell. I realize I’m now not alone in my admiration for what Daisy has completed for Dotiff – she’s been proper right here because day one! She became a pioneer in building consumer systems and why our startup plays a critical role inside the enterprise we’re in nowadays. I choice you can be a part of me in toasting her.


Jessica Jones

chief income officer