Homes for Rent: Is Renting Your Home A Good Move?


Renting your home out to tenants could be a great alternative to selling your home to certain homeowners. This helpful guide will guide you in understanding the steps you’ll have to follow before welcoming tenants into your property.Letting tenants stay in your house is a great option to earn an extra income instead of selling your home. Before opening your doors, you must take certain precautions and checks to ensure that your property and tenants are secure. It is essential to follow the strict guidelines once you’ve become a landlord, and you must have the proper insurance in place.Are you struggling to sell your home? In this instance, you could be thinking should I let my house instead of selling it?’ Renting it out could be an ideal alternative to selling because you’ll be able to get rent payments which are helpful for those with a mortgage to pay.

  • Want to relocate for a few months? Renting out your home may allow you to live elsewhere for a short period. Maybe you’d like to live with your spouse to observe how things are going, go on a trip, or even work abroad. If you’d prefer to stay in your home for the duration of these experiences, renting it out will mean you don’t have to dispose of it and make rental money while travelling.
  • Moving house Maybe you’re moving, but you’d like to stay in your home and look for the right tenants to move into. It can be laborious, but it’s an excellent opportunity to earn an additional income.

But, before deciding whether renting your home is the right choice for your needs, you may be interested in reading our article about the best ways to lease your home.

Before you lease out your home, conduct your homework.

If you’re thinking about renting your home, begin by examining rental properties available in the region. Find rental properties like yours, and find out what rent they charge. Also, you can look up the price of a rental in the past to get some idea of how rent prices change and the extent to which they have gone up or down.

This way, you’ll know the cost of setting up your rental property. It’s worth a look at the Zoopla website is a great place to begin as it’s simple to use and provides many details in front of you.

Sometimes renting out your home could require an agent for letting. If you’re interested in doing this, look at the options available in your region. If any acquaintances or relatives are landlords, they can ask for their recommendations, too. This can help you save time and energy in sorting out any possible issues and should you have to track down payment. If you’re seeking a hands-off approach is the best option for you.

It’s important to do the maths to ensure that you’re making a good financial decision before renting your home. It is important to evaluate the cost in comparison and the amount of money you’re likely to earn. It’s 20 percent if you’re a low-rate taxpayer and 40 percent if you’re a higher-rate taxpayer. If you think about whether you should rent your home, what should I consider? It’s important to include tax deductions in your decision. Add in the costs of letting agents and insurance, and then see what you’re left with. The net amount would have to pay for the mortgage on your home at the minimum to justify renting.

It is also possible by paying Class 2. If renting out properties, National Insurance is considered an enterprise for you. It is contingent upon a variety of aspects, like how much you make from it, the number of properties you lease out, and if the role of a landlord is your primary job.

Ideally, the proceeds will also provide you with an extra reserve if you have to make any repairs or maintenance on your property.

The reserve fund can also be used to pay the mortgage tenants if your home was vacant for a time. It is necessary to continue to make the mortgage payments, even when you’re not earning any rental income.

Do I need to rent my home as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)?

You’ll have to decide whether you’re willing to lease your home as an HMO.

Your property will be classified as an HMO if you lease it to 3 or more tenants that aren’t part of one family. It is also necessary to share a bathroom, toilet, or kitchen to be considered an HMO.

There’s a chance to earn more money from rental income, and any gap between tenants doesn’t mean your home remains empty. There’s a huge demand for housing that is affordable.

However, when you have an HMO, there is more regulation and requirements for planning, which can make it difficult to obtain a mortgage. Furthermore, some letting agents cannot manage the HMOs, and it may not be easy to sell a house once it’s converted to an HMO.

When you’ve more than five renters within your HMO, You’ll require an additional licence from the council. Then, they’ll want to conduct a Housing Health and Safety Rating System risk assessment within five years of the licence application. It could mean that you are required to rectify any issues deemed to be a threat.

Yes. If you’re looking to rent your home out, It’s crucial to speak to your mortgage provider and inform the lender of what you’d love to accomplish.

If you don’t inform your mortgage lender, you may violate the mortgage contract when you rent out your home. You must seek permission from your lender before proceeding.

In most cases, you’ll need to obtain something called consent to the lease with your loan provider. After you’ve received this, you’ll be able to start renting your home


If you rent your home, ensure you have the appropriate insurance.

Your building and contents insurance company must be aware if you plan to lease your house. The policies of your insurance company will typically need to be changed.

You’ll also need to get an exclusive tenant assurance policy, which will safeguard your property, your tenants, and your investment.

Certain insurance policies for landlords can even cover the cost of your tenants not making their rental payment. If you’re a landlord who rents out your property and relies on the rental income to pay for mortgages, the non-payment of rent could be very costly. The right insurance for landlords to protect themselves when in a financially difficult situation.

What’s the definition of landlord insurance?

Find out what obligations arise from renting out your home.

There are certain tasks you’re required to accomplish as a landlord. Understanding the process of renting out your property before moving forward is essential.

The responsibilities of a landlord include:

  • Make sure your property is safe and ensure there are no health hazards to which your tenants may become exposed. In addition, it is essential to ensure that electrical or gas-powered equipment is installed safely and maintained.
  • In charge of the entire repair, maintenance, and repairs. If a problem requires immediate attention (like gas leaks), you may have to act or rely on an agent representing your interests.
  • Make sure you are carrying an Energy Performance Certificate for your home.
  • Keep your tenant’s deposit secure with a government-approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
  • Ensure that your tenant is legally able to lease your home (in England)
  • Conducting fire safety checks and ensuring smoke alarms, as well as carbon monoxide alarms, have been installed and functioning.
  • You are giving the ‘ how to rent checklist to your tenants.
  • Be sure that furniture is safe to use if the home is furnished.

If you’re renting your home through an agent who lets properties, They may be able to take on some of the responsibility for you, but there’ll be a fee for this.

How to lease your house with success: Get your property prepared

If you’re thinking about how you can rent your home effectively, It’s crucial to consider how you’ll prepare your house for rent.

You’ll have to decide if to lease the house furnished or furnished. Other considerations to consider before renting out your house include:

  • Removal of anything valuable or fragile
  • Ensure that any repairs to fixtures and fittings are done
  • Verify that all appliances are in functioning in good working
  • A mini-refresh of the property to ensure that everything is presentable and up-to-date.

It’s also important to note that tenants generally prefer the blank canvas. Therefore, if you’re planning to paint it, use neutral colours.

These steps can make renting your house easier. If everything is in good condition, it will be possible to find tenants quicker.