Gaming Energy Drinks: What are you drinking?


Calling gamers! If you are a lover of energy drinks and usually have it, this article can be helpful for you. While there is nothing wrong with sipping energy drinks from time to time, there is something about its ingredients you must know to stay healthy. Read the article and know about questionable ingredients in them.

Let’s dive into it!

Why do gamers love energy drinks?

Why do most gamers love energy drinks? Simply because of its taste and caffeine energy boost. Unless you enjoy the flavors of chemicals, we are sure that taste is not the only thing that gamers enjoy. They might taste like dirty old gym socks, people would still drink them. We want you to focus on not how they taste but focus on what are the effects of energy drinks on your health. You take a Mate Mate energy drink that improves your alertness, wakefulness, and energy level and enhances your mood too. It is because low caffeine and sugar content keep you healthy.

Here are some reasons why energy drinks are popular for gamers:

Reason #1 Energy

The most common reason why gamers consume energy drinks is because of their game-time buzz which enhances gamers’ alertness, focus, and readiness to dominate the leader board. Energy drinks have a caffeine amount which directly pushes the blood level and you start becoming alert and which is the main function of energy drinks. But, the point to note is that it consumes low caffeine and sugar content Yerba Mate energy drink for best results.

Reason 2# Mental Clarity

It has been shown in the results that Mate Mate improves your focus and keeps you engaged in gaming for hours. Plus, it can help you improve alertness that stays with you from sun-up to sun-down. The point to remember is that its foundation is the improving health of the people who are disrupted by high caffeine energy drinks.

Reason # 3 Fast Caffeine Delivery

It is common among gamers that they look up energy drinks while gaming and do not look for other sources of caffeine. Since energy drinks are served chilled and the users can drink them at any point in time and instantly. Caffeine pills are another supplement that they can use but it takes more than two hours to get absorbed in the blood. But when you take Mate Mate, it gives you instant results and gets absorbed in your bloodstream within 10 minutes, and keeps you active in the game.

What are the main ingredients for Energy Drinks commonly?

Remember that as we mentioned that the taste of an energy drink is awful and companies are working to mask the bitterness of caffeine with lots of artificial ingredients and gobs of sodium and sugar.


Caffeine is the most important stimulant for improving focus and concentration for gamers and most energy drinks contain caffeine in high amounts which can lead to heart diseases, nausea and dizziness. But Mate Mate energy drink has just 30mg/100 gm caffeine in a can.

Sugar and sugar substitutes

Energy drinks have ridiculously cheaper and unhealthy versions of sugar such as high fructose corn syrup which can be very harmful to gamers in the long term. Whereas our energy has just low sugar, just 5.2 g/100gm of the can and can make you worry-free for your health.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are important and play a pivotal role in your overall well-being. Some of the popular energy drinks have a high amount of B3 and B6 vitamins which can lead to liver toxicity, blurred vision, and nerve damage.

A Final Word

Most gamers love energy drinks for an energy boost but they are not aware of the harmful chemical used in the energy drink. That is why Mate Mate is known as a natural energy drink with no artificial chemicals, natural caffeine, and no added sugar for a junk-free energy drink. Play safe gaming with us.