Facebook – Bringing People Together


Facebook is not just a name now. It has become a massive business market, founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. The purpose was to make people know each other from different regions. It has 2.93 billion monthly active users. One of the blue-chip companies comes under its parent company, META. This social media platform has also acquired the top most famous social media companies: whatsapp and Instagram. It is available in 112 languages for user convenience. We will take a look at its features of it below.


This feature is used by a business, celebrity, or any public figure. One of the most used features to run your public profile. It is equivalent to a personal profile but only for business or any famous personality. So that they can handle their vast fan following, some people are so desperate about getting followers and likes on their Fb page that they surf online websites where you can buy FB likes and followers. Users who start following you can buy your merchandise and products. In addition, they can join discussion boards and upload pictures and videos by tagging you.

Steps to make a page

  • You must have an account, log in and search for Create A Facebook Page through the search bar on the top right corner of each page.
  • Now you can create a page with a template of different styles according to your need.
  • Then, you have to fill in the information you want your fans to see.


This feature works similarly to blogging. Notes can be added to your personal or public profile through this. Users on Facebook may subscribe to your Notes using RSS as they would go to any other blog. In addition, you may import one external blog into Notes using an RSS feed.


Suppose you are going to open a store or you are an organizer of a concert. So this feature is beneficial to you as this feature will let your friends and fans know each and everything about the events, such as venue, date and time, etc. we can invite Page fans to your circumstances, and they will be able to accept, refuse, and probably accept your invitation. When your friends check on their home page, they will also have a reminder of the event. 


One of the best features is that many merchants’ lives become so easy. The conventional advertising method took time and labor, and still, a limited number of people were covered. But in Facebook ads, everything in your hand is so easy. You will decide the age, gender, interest, and how much area it should be covered. No need to worry about whether the pamphlet boy is working or not. No paper wastage, total environment friendly. Even after posting hundreds of ads, you can decide which ad campaign size we should increase? It works just similar to AdWords.

 To get started with Ads, go to the bottom of your home page and click the Advertising option. 

Market research 

It helps in your market research as it has community groups and pages which help you in your research regarding the likes and dislikes of the audience. So that you can prepare according to that, you can also create your group so that people who like your idea or business can come under one roof. So that they can give their feedback, which will be very helpful for your research. 

Newsfeed for brand

A page feed or Timeline is equal to email marketing, which underlies your effectiveness in reaching and engaging people. Consider it a person’s inbox to which you distribute all Business Page-related news, such as a Newsletter to which Fans have subscribed. With the extra benefit of a far lower unsubscribe rate, no dependency on subscribers sending it to their friends (although with an incentive to do so built-in), it is significantly less time-consuming to keep up with, and a line or two is all it takes to get new Fans and more visibility possibly.

Why is it necessary for businesses to be on Facebook?

You have to rethink while raising this question as it has over 750,000,000 million users and 2.93 billion monthly active users. This social media has already crossed Google in terms of traffic. More than 83% of businesses are on it. Because it is easy and less- consuming, this makes their life less hectic.

Facebook is a Social Network that is Open and Viral

It is an open platform, which indicates that everyone in your social circle can see what everyone else is doing. The newsfeed is essentially an aggregation of the stuff that has been put on your friends’ walls. Understanding this simple notion emphasizes the immense viral value of marketing on Facebook or even directing visitors from outside of it to a viral capture mechanism on a social media fan page.

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