Fabric Jewelry: Reasons And Types Of Fabric For Jewelry Making

Fabric Jewelry

When we talk about ‘jewelry’, gold, silver, diamonds, and ornaments, jewelry comes to our mind. But most of this jewelry has been outdated and less expensive and creative fabric jewelry is taking its place. Why not try jewelry made of other materials such as terracotta for a change with your fabric change? 

Fabric Jewelry: Reasons And Types Of Fabric For Jewelry Making

Here are three reasons for wearing jewelry based on your fabric.

One of a kind

Fabric jewelry comes in a variety of styles, and designs and is less expensive. Embroidery to hand-woven threads and embellishing detailing are the best options to choose from and leave a lasting impression. The designs are more creative and inexpensive than your intricate fine jewelry. 

Style tip

A great way to wear this jewelry is to pair it with fabric bangles or a fabric necklace with a maxi dress to have a look of Bohemian ‘Boho’ style.

Array of colors

Jewelry made of fabric and threads is much more appealing to your fabric or dress and also found in a variety of colors. It needs vibrant color jewelry which goes well with the fabric and fabric has the scope to create vibrant and colorful jewelry.

Style tip

To add a charm of colors to your outfit, choose bright-colored jewelry to give a unique look to your outfit. The most interesting thing about fabric jewelry is that it is cost-effective, easy to made and variety of combinations are avaialble.


Fabric jewelry is a good option when it comes to sustainable fashion. You must be knowing that traditional gold or diamond jewelry is quite expensive and is not a feasible option for fashion for everyday life. Also, traditional jewelry is not having bright color options which are why the latest jewelry is shifting from traditional to fabric jewelry. The plus point with fabric jewelry is that you can easily make upcycled, vintage or handmade which looks more attractive than gold or silver ornaments. Also, this jewelry is fashionable, sustainable, and less allergic to the user. 


In today’s time, where inflation rates are higher and GDP rates are decreasing, gold and silver jewelry is less practical to wear in everyday life. where Woven fabric is becoming popular and ethnic wear is people’s first choice for their family events and parties. Fabric dresses are vibrant colors and appealing to your look and you have lots of variety of necklaces, earrings, and bangles with vibrant colors in the least costly prizes suitable for your party wear and everyday wear too. 

Styling tip

Traditional jewelry is difficult to buy due to its costly nature but fabric jewelry is within reach of the middle class without any issue and is available in a variety of colors and designs to match with. The styling tip is to match your jewelry with the fabric type and it should match your dress.

5 Types of fabric used in jewelry making

These days fabrics are used for jewelry making and the interesting thing about it is that a variety of colors and designs are available for your convenience and it is easy to do business and purchase. 

Here is some popular fabric jewelry:

Cotton Jewelry

Linen luxury

Crochet Ribbon necklace

Silk jewelry

Ring o flowers

Cotton Jewelry

Cotton is the non-allergic and best fabric found for skin and health. It is a natural and eco-friendly fabric used for your jewelry making and is not similar to your woven fabric which is a blend of some cotton or other fabric types. Cotton necklaces and earrings are popular in the market and much more appealing to your everyday dressing.

Linen Luxury

Linen is a natural fabric with its roots in the world and is known as the oldest fabric in the world. Cultivated from flax or linseed plants, it has been found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians. Linen is a refreshing choice for warm weather, it prevents your skin from sticking to the body and allows continued airflow to the body.

Crochet Ribbon Necklace

Crochet this simple 5 strand necklace using beautiful types of yarns. Each strand represents the beads that are crocheted as you go. Along with the shimmer of ribbon fibers and glitter of beads creates fine luxury jewelry.


People found that their favorite jewelry is not limited to precious metals or gemstones. You will also love the jewelry made out of a variety of fabrics such as silk threads, terracotta, crochet, quills, and paper. It will look awesome on your silk saree as well.

Ring o flowers

A Flower ring is just a 10-minute craft and all you need is stiff fabric like linen or jute cut in the shape of flowers. You can also use fabric fusing if you don’t have stiff fabric. Place the fusing on a soft fabric. Run a hot iron so it can fuse the fabric. 

So, utilize your creativity and make dazzling designs.

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