Imagine you are spending a good time on a Rental Boat Dubai with your family/friends, a long planned bucket-list dream holiday that has come true! And, you will be sure that it’s blue printed very well to make it unforgettable. After all, a cruise across the turquoise waters of Dubai Marina on a luxury yacht rental in Dubai with your close ones doesn’t happen frequently. Well, if you are all set to plan for a luxury boat trip in Dubai Marina or hire a boat rental in Dubai, checkout the below mentioned trip tips to complete the dream of renting  a boat in Dubai a much better experience. 

Look For Your Budget and Plan Likewise…

Renting a boat in Dubai has never been a cheaper business, but planning it perfectly and smartly makes it affordable. Boat Rentals in Dubai vary from time to time. Different boats are available to rent at different times. A thorough research will always help you find the best Yacht rental Dubai deals. Check for the amenities provided for the boats you book. Importantly, choose the best boat rental Dubai services according to your budget and suits best to your finances. 

Know Your Crew…

The boat tour always becomes special when people around you are well mannered and polite. Other than your family and friends you will also share the Boat with the Captain and Crew, so, always better to know your crew. Request your captain to meet them and also you are always free to find reviews regarding the crew online. However, luxury Boat Rentals in Dubai have very professional, well experienced and knowledgeable crew and ensure the hospitality to guests aboard.

Be Clear about Your Boat/Yacht Requirements; A Private Rental Boat Dubai bookings must be made Depending On the Crowd

When you plan for a getaway with your family and friends on a Boat Rental Dubai, you know your count and hence, select the yacht accordingly. If you ask, how many guests can aboard the yacht? The capacity of the boat to be rented determines the numbers. The capacity ranges from maximum of 6 to the larger boats that accommodate 20-30 guests easily. So, it’s always important to hire the right vessel once you have the count of travellers on your charter. Also, make a note of the facilities you expect to find on-board. This allows our team to suggest potential options for the amount needed. After all, the budget and amenities on board depends on the type of rental boat Dubai to be hired.

Plan Your Destination According To Weather & Tourist Season, Also Be Open for New Ideas

Once you book a boat at boat rental Dubai services, the next step is to decide your destination. Pick the destination that you won’t regret. Every spot shall be at its peak during a certain season. If you prefer a less Crowder and more private experience, it is always best to book either during the beginning of the tourism season or nearer to the end of the season. And also, weather conditions are to be considered before planning for a luxury yacht trip in Dubai. This ensures that you are now prepared in all means.

A luxury boat rental in Dubai allows you to conveniently visit multiple trip spots in less time and can also include a variety of activities such as, water activities, traditional Tanura dance, food party, health spa, pet peeves, kid’s friendly equipment, Live BBQ on-board and many more. While it allows you to plan an exceptional route with freedom and flexibility, you must be aware of the weather conditions. Adverse weather conditions may force you to switch your plans, no matter how well you planned. It is a best option to always check with your captain and crew ahead of time to see if there are any options so that everyone has a good time on-board. Discuss the day’s itinerary with your Captain and plan it accordingly as you desire. 

On-Board Amenities; Never Hesitate To Ask For What You Need

When seeking information about the Boat Rental in Dubai, include detailed information, such as the number of guests, food menus, budget, preferred dates, and number of cruise hours. Let them know, if you are looking for a soothing evening cruise or an adventurous water activity, so they can prepare for your journey more efficiently.

The on-board facilities of a Rental boat Dubai depends on the budget and quality of the boat or yacht you choose. It becomes essential for you to speak to the Boat Rental Company and convey your requirements to them. The amenities you ask for may or may not be included on a yacht by default, so it might be added during your trip by the Boat Rental Company. You can also check the offers on their websites for more details. 

Follow the Proper Yacht/Boat Etiquettes

Boats have a very unique environment compared to any other vehicles on land and have their own set of etiquettes that you must follow and respect. Etiquettes include carrying lighter baggage, avoiding wearing high heels as it may damage the deck, and treating crew with respect. Instead of high heels you may go for flip flops or soft soled shoes. And most importantly, do not exceed the count of said number of guests as it has limited storage space, limited food and beverages. Finally, as a gesture of gratitude, if the company allows, tip the crew. 

Lastly, Pack Your Essential Items

Essentials differ from person to person. Generally we suggest you pack jackets, sunscreens, bath suits and the best clothing that pleases you. But, do not overload your backpacks. 

Still, if you have questions unresolved, you are free to take suggestions from the top rated Boat Rental Dubai Company – Nanje Yachts. Contact us via call or WhatsApp. Always at your service!