Some Interesting Facts About Philadelphia | Things To Do In Philly Tonight

Things to do in Philly tonight

Philadelphia, commonly known as Philly, is the largest in the state and is enriched with several cultural and historical associations. Spending a day in this city has countless options ranging from historical places to local bars. Though the city is popular for its significance to the nation’s independence, do you know it is connected with several other historical events? Before moving to the best things to do in Philly tonight, let’s get familiar with the city’s less-known facts. 

Interesting facts you must know about Philadelphia

Philly has given so many firsts to the nation, and here are some of them.

  • The city is home to the country’s first hospital and medical college. Philadelphia is renowned for its contribution to the medical field of the USA. Every sixth health practitioner in the USA has an educational background from Philly.
  • Philadelphia zoo is America’s first zoo and is known for providing an innovative care system for animals and wildlife. Opened in 1974, the zoo has been a major contributor to setting elevated bars for animal care. Moreover, it is the first to establish an animal care center within the premises of the zoo.  
  • The Walnut Street Theater is the oldest in the nation and the only English theatre operating since the 19th century. This is the official state theatre and national historical landmark of Pennsylvania.
  • Philly offers brilliant events, especially for the foodies. The wing ball eating contest in the city encounters a gathering of more than 20000 attendants.
  • Football lovers would be happy to know about the cheesesteak-making by the city’s home team in 1988. The Eagles once helped make one of the biggest cheesesteaks equivalent to the size of a football field. 
  • Philadelphia has an extensive collection of art and sculptures. In fact, the city is named the mural capital of the country as it has more than 2000 murals.

Best activities to enjoy the city’s nightlife

Apart from being an important part of the country’s development, the city offers a chance to have fun at various events and celebrations across the city. Know some of the interesting ones.

La Peg

The brewery restaurant is situated inside the FringeArts Building and offers a wide selection of drinks for different preferences. The place has an exceptional interior and provides some amazing views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge from the giant glass windows. 

Philadelphia Art Museum

The city’s rich collection is worth a glance. Philadelphia Art Museum is the biggest worldwide and features about 240k art pieces. The best time to visit the museum is on Wednesday and Friday evenings. The art collection in the museum showcases different art crafts by artists from different parts of the world. You get the chance to explore the art 2000 years older. 

Helium Comedy Club

The place is well-known for its most popular comedy shows. You can enjoy the dose of laughter and hands-on your choice of breweries. The interaction of the comedians with the audience makes these shows more interesting. Apart from conducting various popular Comedy shows in Philadelphia, the place provides comedy learning opportunities for beginners. 

Final Words: 

Philadelphia’s rich culture and national contributions have given diverse choices for the tourists and visitors in the city. From the oldest Theatre to contemporary comedy shows, the city has the diversity to be explored by people of different ages having varying interests. If you are looking for some interesting things to do in Philly tonight, you may get more details about the upcoming events by visiting Eventsfy’s website.

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