Ultimate Guide About Brisbane Cost of Living including Accommodation And Transportation

brisbane cost of living

Brisbane is a cheap city as compared to other cities in Australia like Melbourne and Sydny. In Melbourne and Australia, the cost of living is very high. You must know about Brisbane cost of living if you want to move there so that you can plan your budget more significantly. In this article, you will get an overview of the Brisbane cost of living by exploring the costs of different things like accommodation, utilities, food, etc. So, let’s get started exploring Brisbane cost of living. Brisbane

Cost of Living

Brisbane cost of living is highly dependent on the following factor. Read the complete article to know how much you have to spend if you want to move and live in Brisbane.


You can live in Brisbane either by buying a house for residence, or you can go for the second option, which is to take a house on a rental basis. The cost of a new house for purchasing or renting varies according to the location. If you have a high budget, you must choose the central part of the city, which is more expensive than the side areas.

For example:

  • You must pay two thousand three hundred fifty-seven US dollars as rent for a furnished house located at the city’s center point with an area of nine hundred square feet.
  • The rental price of 900 square feet furnished house in the suburbs of Brisbane is around one thousand eight hundred and ninety US dollars. That means you can save a lot of money by choosing side areas of the city.

Similarly, if you want to live in the central location of Brisbane by purchasing a house, you have to pay almost eight thousand US dollars per square meter. And the cost of a house in a side area of Brisbane is nearly six thousand dollars per square meter.

Food and groceries

After getting a home in Brisbane second more essential thing that you must pay for is food. In Brisbane, it is normal to pay approximately one hundred and fifty dollars in terms of food and groceries cost for a single person. If you want to live with a family of two or three, you must pay more food prices. The food prices also highly depending your lifestyle. If you like to eat more expensive and branded things, then it is apparent that you must pay a lot more than 150 US dollars.

  • The price of white bread in Brisbane is six dollars for one-kilo gram.
  • One liter of milk costs you around 1.65 dollars per liter.
  • Chicken breast cost for a kilogram is twelve dollars.
  • Tomatoes rate is five dollars per kilogram.
  • The price of dozen eggs is almost five dollars.
  • To purchase rice, you must pay three dollars per kilogram.

Above are the average prices of food items in Brisbane, which can vary over time. You must reconfirm the prices by a local person or any travel expert when making the budget to get exact figures.

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The next necessity that is essential for living in Brisbane is the different utilities like electricity bill cos, gas bills cost, the cost of water, and internet.

  • The cost of basic utilities like heating, gas, and electricity is approximately two hundred and eighty rupees per month for 900 square feet house.
  • You must pay fifty-two dollars per month if you want to get the 8 MB per second package for the internet.
  • Cleaning the house is also very necessary, and the rate of cleaning a house is thirty-five dollars per hour.

One thing you must note is that the cost of electricity in summer can go very high. Because in the summer season there is immense heat is present in Brisbane. Their cooling systems draw more energy in summer. Having a solar panel installed in the house can save you from extra electricity costs in summer.


The transportation system in Brisbane is very strong. A vast network of public buses, trains, and ferries are present in the city. On spot cost of transportation, the fare is very high; however, save some dollars from transportation costs in Brisbane, you can purchase a prepaid “Go Card.” The balance in Go Card can be used in any transportation mode in Brisbane at reasonable prices. You must pay approximately one hundred and twenty-five dollars per month to purchase a public transport ticker.

  • On the inner side of the city, you can enjoy the ride of E-Scoter, which is a very comfortable means of transport to move around the different parts of the inner city.
  • In addition, if you own a car, you must purchase the fuel to ride it for transportation. The cost of one liter of fuel in Brisbane is almost two dollars per liter. The monthly price for the public.
  • The ex-pat in Brisbane also uses taxis as transportation means. A taxi fare for an eight-kilo mete travel distance is nearly twenty-six dollars.

How much income is required to live comfortably in Brisbane?

If you were an individual living in Brisbane, you would need to earn approximately $98,280 in taxable income per year to avoid mortgage stress. That would equate to $1890 per week or $8190 per month.

Does Brisbane offer a lower cost of living?

There is a 22.86% difference in price between Brisbane and New York (without rent). It is estimated that Brisbane rents are 65.84% lower than those in New York on average.


The Brisbane cost of living is mostly in line with the cost of living in other cities in Australia. Sometimes you notice that the cost of different items in Brisbane is far cheaper compared to other big cities. It is estimated that if you have a family of four, you must pay approximately six thousand dollars per month to meet the Brisbane cost of living. And a single person can manage a month by paying three thousand dollars per month.