Amber Frey Net Worth, Early Life, Education And Mysterious Murder Case


Amber Frey is an American nationalist who resides in Los Angeles, USA. Frey is an author and a massage therapist who gained fame due to her help in solving a mysterious murder case. The murder case is related to her first husband, Scott Petterson. The detail about the case is discussed later in the article. Many people want to know about Amber Ferry net worth and other information about her. In this article, you will learn many things related to Amber Frey. So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump to explore the life of Amber Frey.

Early life

The famous Author Amber Frey was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, and her date of birth is 10th February 1975. Her father’s name is “Ron Frey,” and her father’s profession is still unknown. And the name of Frey’s mother is “Brnda Frey.” Branda Frey is a housewife and spends most of her time in her house. When Amber Frey was a child, her parent got separated and later on divorced. Amber Frey was only five years old when the separation took place. Education After her parent’s divorce, Amber Frey used to live with her mother.

Amber was tested by a tough time in her childhood, but she never lost hope and never gave up. She continued her studies. Frey went to “The Clovis High School” to get her early life education. After completing her early education, Amber Frey goes to “Golden State College” to complete her college-level studies. After completing her college studies, she got admission to “Fresno City College” in an associate degree program called “Child Development.” She completed her education and got her final degree in Child Development.

What is the age, height, and weight of Amber Frey?

As of 2022, the famous writer and massage therapist (Amber Frey) is forty-four years old. Amber Frey is taking a lot of care of her health. As she is also a Massage therapist, she knows well how to manage good health at the age of 43. The height of Amber Frey is five feet and eight inches, and her current weight is almost sixty-two-kilo grams. Her height and weight indicate that she is enjoying good health.

Personal life

The personal life of Amber Frey consists of three parts. The first love story of Amber Frey was started when she met with Dr. Markovich. Frey and Markovich dated each other for a very long time, and during this period, they had welcome a child. The name of that child is “Justin Markovich.” After the birth of Justin, the relationship starts weakening; later, both end their relationship and get separated. In 2006 Amber Frey met with Robert Hermandez after the breakup with Dr. Markovich. Robert Hermandez is a “Correction Officer” by profession.

In the last months of 2006, Amber and Robert married and spent many happy years with each other. After some time of their marriage, Amber welcomed her second child name “Ayiana Frey.” The relationship between Amber and Robert is also not perfect, and the difference in thought makes them separate from each other. After the separation, they finally got a divorce and different ways for a lifetime. In her early years of relationship, Amber Frey also met and dated “Scot Peterson,” After knowing he was a murderer, she left Scot and filed a case against him. This relationship only lasts for six weak.

Mysterious murder case and Amber Frey

Amber Frey met with Scott Peterson through her friend. After the meeting, Amber and Scott start dating each other. In his conversation with Scot, Scot tells Amber he is single and did not marry anyone. But after two-to-three-week Amber’s best friend told her that Scot is a married man.

After that revelation, Amber again asked Scot to tell her about his previous relationship. Scot admitted that he was previously married, and his pregnant wife had been missing for some days. John Byrd is a best friend of Amber Frey, and he is a professional detective. When the relationship between Amber and Scott started taking off, Jhon Byrd, who is investing in the case of Scot’s wife “Laci Rocha,” told Amber that Scot could be the prime suspect in Laci’s missing case. Amber Frey decided to help Byrd and the police department solve Laci Rocha’s case.

Due to the clues provided by Amber, police had reached a final decision that Scot Peterson was the one who killed her pregnant wife. Police arrested Scot and presented him in front of the court. The court gives Scott the death penalty with a lethal injection. Later the death penalty was converted into life imprisonment, and currently, Scott is in jail custody at San Quentin Prison.

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Amber Frey net worth

At the start of her career, Amber Frey decided to become a massage therapist and start Colvis Massage Spa in California, but due to some unknown circumstances, she faced a lot of loss. The loss forced Amber to close her business.

After that, she started writing and published her first book, 20/20. Amber got famous an Author when she wrote a book about the Scott Peterson murder case called “Witness For Prosecution of Scott Peterson.” She earns a lot of money from the book publication and continues his career. As of 2022, Amber Frey net worth is approximately four hundred thousand US dollars.

In what manner did Scott Peterson abuse his wife?

As a result of the death of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, Scott Peterson has been resentenced to life without parole. Peterson, who was found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife.


The starting life of Amber Frey is very tough, but Amber stands firm in front of a challenging situation. She had many people in her life, but she is currently single with her children. Amber was a former massage therapist and an author. Due to her career as an author, Amber Frey net worth is increasing day by day.

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