Best way to clean and increase storage space in PC

Increase storage space in PC

You are not the only one if you don’t have enough room on the computer for just that new program or game, and  even if the junk on your HDD is making you insane. You can increase storage space in PC by doing few steps only.

With the development of SSDs which take up much less space as classic mechanical HDD, & games, apps that use more & more space, your HDD can quickly become full.

To PC Cleaner up storage space on the device you have various alternatives. Despite the fact that laptops & desktop computers today have drives with several terabytes of space, we always discover a method to load them full with papers, images, movies, applications, & games, creating slowness, file saving difficulties, and a variety of other concerns.

Throughout this post, we’ll go over the top techniques to sweep up the Windows HDD, including determining what’s eating up a lot of space, minimizing clutter, & making room for such all-important free software or files. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s all begin.

Ways to save and increase storage space in PC

  1. Using USB

USB sticks is among the most reliable methods of saving data from a PC. Simply insert one in a USB port and open it. Then drag files in the USB stick directly. It’s portable, holds a large amount of data, & can be inserted onto any computer just by a USB connection.

  • External drive

Are you aware that you may use the USB ports to connect an additional hard drive? You will be required to use a hard drive enclosure, however it is nevertheless the simplest methods to greatly increase your storage capacity. USB HDD’s are an excellent option for storing media files & games. Much better, you may transport them & connect them into all other computers to export your data.

  • Use cloud storage

Everything is heading to the internet these days for cloud services, & the data may be a part of it! There are other cloud storage servers available, but the most popular are OneDrive, Dropbox, & Google Drive. However pCloud is yet another reliable solution.

To begin utilizing cloud storage, just create an account and upload your data on the cloud online. You may then remove the files from your HDD to free up space without destroying your data. In addition, they’ll be available on any device that can connect to the cloud! When you have sensitive data, there’s many cloud storage options, such as pCloud, that give additional encryption to protect outsiders from stealing your data.

  • Wi-Fi Hard Drive

USB HDD are fantastic, but there are instances when you need to retain those USB ports open. Wi-Fi HDD, as well as (NAS) network-attached storage, are sometimes promoted with the name of “home clouds” since they link to certain other devices via a Wi-Fi connectivity. It has the extra benefit of being available to anyone who links to the routers, making it possible to create one for the family or business. Some even let you browse the HDD using a web – based interface!

  • Uninstall applications

Applications & games consume the majority of space on disk for many PC users. However I f you discover that you don’t need particular apps, you can delete or uninstall those applications from your computer.

Again, Windows gives us the opportunity to effortlessly remove any undesirable apps from our computer. Use the steps underneath to remove/uninstall programmes:

  • Control Panel -> Start -> Remove a programme
  • By selecting the ‘Size header,’ you may sort the list of apps by file size.
  • You can now check which apps consume the most space on your PC.
  • Click ‘Uninstall’ next to any software you want to uninstall.
  • Use Advanced System Optimizer
Best way to clean and increase storage space in PC

Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) is a complete utility that claims to maintain your computer’s operating quickly and safely while also saving space on the hard drive. It addresses a broad range of topics in a thorough & in-depth way.  However, always  keep in mind that this downloadable example would not correct the flaws it discovers. It will not, for example, remove trash files, repair Registry issues, safeguard your privacy by removing Internet traces, nor perform anything else.

Unlike various comparable tools, (ASO) Advanced System Optimizer is nicely organized and concise to use. The primary types of operations you’ll require to run are listed just on the left side of ASO.


In this blog we have seen how to optimize Windows by clearing space on the disk. Try all the steps given in this blog and you will be able to release tons of waste from the computer.

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