Best Sellers of Small Plants for Home Décor


Succulents and air plants, for example, are ideal for bringing some greenery to your workplace or nightstand. Peace lilies and other slightly larger plants will take up some floor space, but their lush leaves and large roots will not overpower any area of the room.

The majority of small plant pots have the benefit of being able to fit almost anywhere in your residence. You can even use your imagination! Consider putting some cute plants in unconventional places such beside your apartment window, in a swinging planter, maybe on your wall with a vertical wall garden!

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Best Sellers for Small Plants

Here are some options, you can look for the best small plants selling retailers.

1.     Sill

There’s a lot to like about buying for small plants at The Sill, from their welcoming and informative plant care recommendations to breathtaking photos and easy-to-shop categories. What began as a small, fashionable boutique on Manhattan’s Lower East Side has grown into a bit of a craze among people looking to hone their green thumb and fill their homes with Instagram-worthy houseplants.

2.     Amazon

It’s not true that just because you can buy practically anything on Amazon, it’s all excellent. However, we’re happy to inform you that the king of internet shopping has a plethora of fantastic houseplants! Small plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig, snake plant, Monstera, and more can be found through reliable sellers like Hirt’s Gardens, Costa Farms, and others.

3.     Bloomscape

The first thing you’ll notice about Bloomscape is how much fun and games are included in the shopping process. Bloomscape is friendly and instructive, with Matisse-esque drawings, sleek video content, and loads of valuable information to aid with your purchasing experience. You can choose from a variety of small plants in a variety of sizes, as well as a terra cotta pot in one of five stylish hues.

4.     Hotri

Horti is worth mentioning since, while you may buy small plants à la carte, its standout feature is a membership service. Horti will ship you a new plant (or three) every month or every two months, depending on which option you choose for your small plant deliveries. You gradually increase your nice garden and comfort as a plant parent with each newcomer.


From herbs for your living room window sill to feng shui-approved trees grown and jade bonsai, has a wide selection of small plants to fit your needs. Their selection is divided into categories such as size, level of care, and light preference, making it even easier to find your new favorite plant. Best part of is that they make sure to make the delivery with in two days.

6.     Home Depot

They offer everything you need for interior and exterior home projects, improvements, and upgrades. So why wouldn’t they stock a wide range of houseplants? Home Depot even has free shipping if you spend upwards of $45, and their online service has a wide assortment of small plants you won’t see in the masonry locations.

7.     Greenery NYC

Greenery NYC, another specialty store we adore, is a relative newcomer to the green scene. While they specialize in plants for New York City, they also export plants all around the United States. The option to mix and match helps this online shop stand out to us—you may choose a plant and then a distinctive container to go with it that matches your home’s decor. Plants start at $12, and if you live in NYC, you can even get same-day delivery.