Sweeping Success: Transform Your Home with Stress-Free Methods


An abundance of work and the never-ending daily hustle and bustle simply don’t allow a person to tackle the chores effectively but rather in a fast and stressful manner. Nowadays, when the daily grind overwhelms every single one of us, it’s hard to take some time off and spend it cleaning the house neatly, and why would you use up your free day to clean the house anyhow? When numerous duties build up, tidying up and transforming the home could be a daunting and tiresome task, luckily, there are a few stress-free methods to help you have a tidy and clutter-free home. Here are some stress-free and perfectly doable household rituals to keep your home fresh and clean.

Come up with a steady schedule

The trick is in organization. If you want to keep your home clean daily, you need to stay organized. The best way to do so is to create a neat cleaning and chore schedule and stick to it. On Mondays scrub the bathroom, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, for instance, spend 15 min on vacuuming the whole premises or more if needed, and on other days aim to wipe all kitchen and living room surfaces, and dust. Above all, designate a day of the week (or two) when you won’t be doing anything but merely relax.

Tackle major things seasonally

If you own a large architectural masterpiece, such as most Melbourn homes are like, it would be hard to perform big cleaning tasks on a weekly or monthly basis. In your schedule include a few semi-annual chores such as washing the carpets, washing the windows, or cleaning the gutters. Likewise, once or twice a year aim to have a major clean-up and sorting out chore where you would sort out and put away out-of-season items. This itself can be a demanding and lengthy task, so don’t sidetate to delegate larger home clean-up tasks to experts. There’s no shame in contacting expert cleaning services from Melbourne to help you with heavy-duty, seasonal tasks.

Declutter the space

One thing that causes an abundance of stress is having piles of stuff lying around the floor. Let’s face it, a cluttered home is a messy home, and it’s no wonder you would feel agitated when you need to sort everything out before cleaning. The way to make cleaning tasks stress-free is to first do a quick sweep of your living space, then put away all items to their rightful place, take a break, and then clear out unnecessary clutter but for good. Don’t just return misplaced items to their designated space, but throw all unwanted and unused things straight into the garbage. You’ll soon discover that you will no longer feel apprehensive when returning home as you will have a neat and lovingly transformed clutter-free home.

Avoid cleaning multiple areas at a time

The thing that causes the most stress is rushing things and then realizing the house is far messier than before cleaning. To transform your home, you need to take a strategic approach to cleaning. Aim to clean one area at a time, always tackling the small things right away such as doing the dishes or laundry, and don’t worry if you do not make it to it all. Completing smaller chores will add up to having an organized and welcoming home at all times regardless of how you tackle things. Only make sure that you spend not more than 30 minutes or less cleaning the premises per day in order to have some time for yourself.

Try delegating technique

Even though this is not a ‘technique’ but rather a fun and stress-free method, delegating is a great way to get the job done around the house and not lose your nerves around it. Delegating housework to children also serves as a great parenting technique as kids would implement good habits early on. Have children take out the laundry and fill the dryers, fold their clothes, make their beds, and clean their rooms. Delegate outdoor chores to your husband or partner and have him mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and mend things in the garden. While you are focusing on the interior, others can do their part and you will always have a beautifully clean and organized home.

Implementing these quick and effective stress-free cleaning methods will transform your home in no time. What’s more, the above-mentioned tips guarantee sweeping success and stress-free life.