Best apps for Yoga 2023

best yoga apps

Want to enhance your yoga practise at home and out and about? From your phone, tablet, and perhaps other electronic gadget, you may access thousands of courses, postures, instructional information, and inspiration with a yoga application. These applications are intended for people of all levels of fitness & yoga ability. While some applications cater to expert yogis, the majority provide basic information and introductory programmes for those who are new to the discipline.

Yoga is a discipline that has both physical & mental advantages. Yoga’s most well-known advantage is enhanced flexibility, it can also help build endurance. Yoga has been demonstrated to promote mental health & reduce anxiety, in addition to its physical advantages. Whenever it comes to general wellbeing, yoga may assist you in focusing with it from a variety of perspectives.

We examined at yoga applications with a free edition and a premium membership or in-app purchase to get this ranking. Both iOS & Android devices have the greatest yoga applications. They also provide pre-designed procedures as well as the opportunity to tailor a programme to your individual requirements. Keeping this in mind, are indeed our top recommendations for the yoga applications.

Down Dog Yoga App

From Asanas to frantic Vinyasa sequences, this yoga software provides comprehensive teaching for both beginners and advanced practitioners. You have the option of selecting your level, technique, tempo, time, and even song. The software will identify the best match with a complementary audio.

The finest parts are the regions of concentration, yoga styles, & a free edition for people who aren’t yet ready to part with their cash just yet. The free app is adequate, & the premium membership enables you to save films for offline watching.

Glo Yoga App

Glo yoga application provides access to some of the greatest yoga video collections selected by experienced instructors. pranayama, Pilates, & meditation sessions are among the offerings. Before agreeing to a monthly membership, users may pique their interest with such a 7-day trial version.

The software allows you to customise your exercise by skill level, duration, intensity, & other factors. You may get sessions from a number of the top yoga professionals in various genres, such as Annie Carpenter & Nikki Costello. It also plays custom soundtracks to suit your mood & tempo.

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Pocket Yoga App

Pocket Yoga application is not free, however it does demand a one-time charge of $3, that is a good sum to try the waters of yoga. In exchange, you will receive a full yoga software that includes 250+ yoga poses plus extensive explanations & directions. F urthermore, it supports TV & AirPlay.

This is a straightforward selection with a favourable cost-value balance. It tries to compete with other available apps and their list of internet-famous yoga instructors. Expect low-quality music, speech, and animation. Furthermore, if you enjoy live classes & video content, avoid this one.

Universal Breathing

An application that concentrates on pranayama practises rather than poses? That somebody else appears to share our desire to widen and develop yoga material further than iron grasp of asana. Whether you’re inquisitive or interested, it’s the best app to educate about the breathing components of yoga.

Ultimate Breathing assists you in mastering the breath, which is the first step in achieving the mind-body-consciousness relationship. The skills are simple to learn, & the music in the accompaniment is great. Working your way up to complex instructions takes around 15 to 20 minutes every day.

Daily Burn App

Daily Burn is indeed a highly rated source for personalised yoga courses depending on the fitness goals. Although it’s a fantastic multi-purpose software, we think it’s the best yoga app among cardio fanatics. Isn’t that obvious from the name?

Take your yoga mats and be prepared to sweat.

If you choose not to build a programme, Daily Burn would evaluate your information and produce a yoga routine with suitable videos & nutrition depending on your ability level & goals. There’s also other customization possibilities.

5 Minute Yoga App

The 5 Minute Yoga application provides a daily series of five postures with a duration of 60 seconds. Look at the picture and enter the posture as the clock counts down, continue 5 times, & stop telling yourself that you’re too busy to yoga. Its coolest aspect is that each time you launch the programme, you receive a different sequence.

Tiredness is also not an excuse, as the application is available on both iOS & Android. That’s a free app, however there are monthly plans for $3 & $7 to gain access to more material. However, instead of a yoga application for novices or dedicated practitioners, it’s more of a curiosity for folks with some expertise.

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga Daily Health & Yoga for Novice are the two most popular free yoga applications on the market right now. We chose Yoga for Beginners due to our impressed with the material. We are using an iPhone, & Yoga Daily Fitness will only be available for Android.

If you’ve got realistic expectations, this app will not disappoint . The UI is adequate, but the functions are restricted. However, there is plenty of high-quality stuff to get you started. And, the majority part, it’s well enough and simple to follow.

Asana Rebel Fitness App

Asana Rebel is indeed a health & wellness app featuring material to help you sleep better, be more productive, and have more energy. You may utilize it to develop and adapt the fitness plan depending on your diet, age, weight, gender & other pertinent inputs. It is available for Android & iOS.

After signing up, you may choose between a free version and an annual or monthly membership with such a 14-day money-back assurance. It’s among the highest-rated & most-popular yoga applications on Apple iTunes, with over 60k+ reviews & an average rating of 4.7 ratings at the moment of this writing.

Yoga Studio App by Gaiam

Gaiam yoga application enables you to choose your time frame, ability level, and concentration. You may discover postures and comments that go along with this. When you don’t really want personalised material, you may select including over 150+ pre-made sessions that last 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

Seminars may be filtered by theme (athletes, back discomfort, pregnant) and concentration (balance, flexibility, strength). There are also some well-known instructors, like as Rodney Yee, writer of a greatest pranayama book. It’s indeed available for free download alongside weekly, monthly, & annual subscriptions.


Int his blog we have discussed the best free yoga apps for beginners & best free apps for yoga and meditation. All the apps have good features and are hand picked. You can try any one of them and can try it for maintain a balance between mental & physical health.