8 Common Yoga Myths, Busted

Yoga Myths

Yoga is an ancient practice; it is all about the coordination of body, mind and soul to channelise the positive energy. However, there are many myths revolving in the mind of people regarding yogic practices and asanas. Today let’s break some of those myths and introduce you to the world of yoga.

Yoga means a comprehensive practice with the different elements of the body working together to radiate positive energy. It can be practiced by anyone no matter what their age, religion, gender or profession is. Let’s bring your attention to 8 yoga myths or misconceptions about yoga that you might have heard or read somewhere.

8 misconceptions about yoga that you need to know

Here is the list of 8 yoga myths that you need to stop believing from today.

1. Yoga is about body postures

Many people believe that yoga is all about yogic posture and it helps in improving the flexibility and mobility of the body.

But yoga is much more than the yogic postures. Yoga is also a way to self-discover yourself. Once you start doing yoga you will witness the physical and emotional changes inside you.

Yoga helps in increasing the flexibility while keeping you mentally intact. It includes practices with certain principles which helps in enhancing the quality of living and self-control by balancing your emotions.

2. One needs to be flexible

Another myth about yoga is that it can only be performed by people who are flexible. You can start practicing yoga at any age no matter your body is rigid or flexible.

With time and practice, one develops more flexibility. Yoga practice helps one with balancing, strengthening, flexibility, and improving concentration. Asana practices will help in improving your body flexibility and mobility. 

3. Only young people can perform yoga

There is one of the biggest misconceptions about yoga that only young people can perform it. Yoga is a Universal exercise for everyone irrespective of their age and gender. Yoga requires dedication and regular practice which can be started at any age.

You might see people about the age of 60 performing the most complex asana. Yoga is all about enhancing your physical and mental body which can be done at any age no matter you are 18 or 80.

4. Yoga is time consuming

People believe that yoga requires a lot of time and it is very difficult to get time for yoga in this busy schedule.  But remember that yoga is not time consuming, it is up to you how long you want to perform it. Investing 30 minutes regularly or on alternate days on your health is worthy.

In fact, if you start your day with yoga, you will notice positive changes in your lifestyle.  Yoga will help you to beat the stress and anxiety from your life and offer you calm and relaxation.

5. Yoga demands change in lifestyle

Yes, yoga demands change in lifestyle but this doesn’t require one to change completely. Yes, there are some moderations needed but this doesn’t mean that you have to completely switch to a vegetarian diet or stop eating junk.

Once in a week or a while eating junk is completely fine. Yoga needs you to be more disciplined and is not only confined to dietary changes or adjustment. Yoga means to evolve yourself into a better human with proper ethical behaviour and respect for others.

6. Yoga can be injurious

Anything which is done in a hurry can be injurious and the same goes for yoga. So,know about the limitations of your body and try to practice asana slowly and in right posture. If you are a beginner, it is better to undergo 200 hour yoga TTC.

You will learn about the basic yoga and asana under the expert guidance. Always remember that don’t be over enthusiastic while performing yoga know your limitations and perform under the experience pictures supervision.

7. Yoga is too easy to perform

Yoga is the combination of different types of asanas. It includes different levels like 200-hour yoga TTC which is a Foundation yoga course. If you want to learn about Yoga practices in depth there are 300 and 500 are yoga teacher training program.

You can Master some of the yoga as within 2 to 3 days but some requires after hard work and patience of months. Yoga has a great impact on your body as well as your mind.

8. No yoga during menstruation pregnancy

Many people believe that yoga is not a suitable exercise when women are menstruating or a pregnant. However, there is no evidence or truth behind the statement. In fact, it is believed that yoga is quite beneficial and good for health during menstruation and pregnancy. There are certain yoga which must not be performed during these two situations. You can consult your doctor or higher a yoga teacher trainer or join yoga school in Goa and perform yoga under expert supervision and guidance.

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