Advantages Of Using Bubble Wrap For Packing

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Packaging materials come with a lot of advantages which help us in our day to day life. Apart from protecting our products from all potential damage, they also help us in saving the environment in all possible ways. It is because they are made up of recycled materials which further make them eco-friendly in nature. Not only that, the packaging materials that we use are versatile and customisable in nature. This makes our task of promoting our brands easier. These materials are strong, robust and sturdy enough to carry strong, fragile, heavy and lightweight items. In this article we shall be looking at the advantages of using the bubble wrap rolls for packing.
Like any other packaging materials, bubble wraps also come with all the characteristics that are mentioned above. But what makes them different from other packaging materials? Well, there are some unique characteristics that make them different from others. You will easily get these packaging supplies from the shops near you or you can order them online as well. Wellpack is a wholesale and retail store in the UK, where you will get different types of bubble wraps, such as a large bubble wrap and small bubble wrap. Apart from that, here you will get different types of packaging boxes, foam wrap roll, jiffy foam roll and so on.

Let us now have a look at some of the advantages of bubble wrap in packing fragile and delicate items.

Bubble wrap acts as protective cushion

It is one of those packaging materials that provides cushion to the fragile, delicate and breakable items during the time of transit. It is basically a plastic sheet, with one side consisting of air bubbles. These air bubbles act as cushions for the fragile items. There is a particular way of wrapping the items with the bubble wrap. You need to spread the bubble wrap sheet on a flat and clean surface. Not only that, the surface should be spacious enough to wrap the item properly. The side containing air bubbles should always be kept outward. The air bubbles protect the items from jerk, abrasions, shock and vibration. Therefore, fragile items like glassware, mirrors, chinaware, crockery sets, showpieces, statues, furniture, electronic devices and so on are wrapped with bubble wraps.

Anti static bubble wraps are highly beneficial for electronic devices

Do you know bubble wraps are not only for providing cushion to the delicate items, but also protect the electronic devices from static electricity discharge? The anti static bubble wrap rolls are available in the market in the colour pink. Actually there are mainly three types of bubble wraps- the large bubble wrap, the small bubble wrap and the anti static bubble wrap. Large bubble wraps are used to wrap large items and the small bubble wraps are used for wrapping smaller items. Anti static bubble wraps are mainly used for wrapping electronic devices, such as microwaves, monitors/screens, mouse, keyboards, mobile phones, earphones and so on. If the electronic devices fall on the surface, there are high chances that they may get damaged due to the discharge of static electricity. The role of the anti static bubble wrap is to prevent these items from the discharge of the static electricity. Therefore, they are used for wrapping electronic devices.

Bubble wraps are famous for their versatility.

Apart from protecting the fragile, delicate and luxurious items, bubble wraps are highly versatile. You can customise these packaging materials the way you want. You just need to cut them into different shapes and sizes depending upon the shape and size of the object to be wrapped. Because of its ductility, you can easily use it to wrap those items that are odd in shape. Many people take great advantage of this packaging supply during the summer season. No, they do not use it for packing their items. They use it for their windows in order to insulate them. So, the bubble warp is versatile, ductile and a great insulator.

Summing up

These are some of the advantages of using bubble wrap rolls in packing. However, these are not the only advantages. There are few more benefits that make this packaging material unique and different from others. It is cost-effective and is a great stress reliever. Therefore, it is one of the most famous packaging materials all across the world.