5 Amazing Treks to Do in India

Treks to do in India

India has a few best hiking trails in the world. You will get a nerve-chilling and daring trekking experience in the mighty Indian Himalayan Mountains. India’s topography is diversified with huge mountains, snowy peaks, rain forests, rivers, lakes, and wildlife sanctuaries that give you the best adventurous experience in your life. These valleys are also suitable for beginners who look for moderate trekking and here are a few amazing treks to do in India.

1) Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh

2) Chokramudi Trek in Munnar

3) Rupin Pass Trek in Uttarakhand

4) Hampta Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh

5) Sandakphu Trek in West Bengal

1. Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh

Markha Valley is one of the best places to go trekking in India. The starting point is Leh and you will pass through Chilling, Skiu, Sara, Hankar, and Nimaling while you start hiking. This is a moderate trek for people who have already trekked and quite a difficult trek for beginners. 

This is a 10-day trek and you will pass through hamlets, monasteries, forts, and temples. Situated at an altitude of nearly 5200 meters above mean sea level, you will have to cross the two cardinal passes Ganda La and Kongmaru La, which cover around 65 kilometers. 

You will also get a chance to see the Ladakh and Karakoram ranges. One can also have a view of the Tibet region and you will get a spectacular view of the K2 Mountain, Stok Kangri, and Kang Yatse peaks here. 

2. Chokramudi Trek in Munnar

Chokramudi Trek in Munnar is an easy trek and you can trek here throughout the year. You will come across high-altitude forests, tea estates, and rivers that offer you a stunning sight. The highest point in this trek is nearly 2100 meters above sea level.

People who wish to trek within a short time and to view the best sceneries should do trekking from here. You can see the mighty Western Ghats, Anamudi, and the Idukki Dam, the highest arch dams in Asia. 

3. Rupin Pass Trek in Uttarakhand

The Rupin Pass Trek in Uttarakhand is quite a difficult trek unless you have trekked earlier. The best times are from May to June and September to October. One of the best places to go trekking in India, this trek is for nearly 7 days with an altitude of nearly 15200 feet.

Rupin Pass Trek is nearly 50 kilometers and it starts from Dhaula and ends at Sangla and Shimla. On a challenging trek, you will see one of the few breathtaking sceneries at this trek. Trekkers below the age of 14 are not allowed to trek in the rugged terrain. 

Trekkers get a visual treat with a wonderful view of the meadows, waterfalls, snowy peaks, hanging villages, and the stunning views of Kinner Kailash Peak.

4. Hampta Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh

The Hampta Pass trek is located in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh. On one of the most preferred treks, you can have a pleasant sight of the green grounds and the snow-covered peaks. Situated at an altitude of nearly 2990 meters, the duration of this trek is approximately 4 to 5 days, and can be trekked with moderate difficulty. 

This trek passes through the Balu Ka Ghera – Siagoru – Chatru – Chandratal route. You will get a fantastic view of several rivulets, snow-peaked mountains, meadows, and Chandratal Lake. 

One of the best treks to do in April in India, it is the highest peak in the state of West Bengal of India. This peak records the highest footfall in the country because of its natural beauty and charming environment. 

Sandakphu Trek in West Bengal

You will get an amazing chance to visit the famous peak “The Sleeping Buddha”. Mt. Kumbhakarna forms the face and head of the Buddha while Mt. Kanchenjunga forms the upper body. 

This is a moderate trek with a duration of approximately 7 days and is situated at an altitude of 3,600 meters above the mean sea level. You can either trek via the Maneybhanj – Tonglu route or through the Tonglu, Sandakphu & Phalut routes. 

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