Traditional Indian Outfits That Every Girl Can Wear


Indian outfits are epitome of beauty and elegance. They represent the rich culture and tradition of Indian society. Whether it is a saree or an anarkali suit, an Indian woman looks seraphic in every Indian dress. When it comes to an Indian function, Indian women look ecstatic in Indian festive outfits and Indian wedding dresses. Each and every Indian outfit depicts the story of a place, its culture, tradition and heritage.

You can look regal in Indian lehengas, traditional sarees, designer sarees or Indian designersuits. Moreover you can opt for different Indian outfits of different styles, designs, patterns and fabrics for different functions. These days, Indian outfits have evolved to get a modern and contemporary look. With the rise of social media, the Indian fashion world is evolving everyday.

Fashion doesn’t see boundaries and nationalities. It only sees the happiness it can give to each and every person in the world. Fashion brings people of different cultures, races, nationalities and colors together. Today Indian fashion is an amalgamation of the East and the West. Whether it is a traditional outfit or a contemporary designer outfit, Indian fashion never fails to steal the show. Therefore, it is ruling the hearts of fashionistas all across the world. Let us now look at some Indian dresses that can be easily worn by Indian women.

1. Sarees

Want to look ethereal and royal for a function? What would be the best choice than a saree? A saree goes well for every function. And it is this traditional Indian outfit that every girl chases for in all special occasions. Indian girls can wear this outfit easily. Because at a very early age they acquire the knowledge of wearing a saree from their mothers. Women prefer to wear it casually or for special occasions. Therefore, it also comes under the category of Indian wedding dresses. You can also find women handling the highest position like a politician, a professor or an administrative officer always wearing a lightweight saree with minimal work. Because the saree is also considered to be the formal or the office wear in most Indian organisations.

You can also find a lot of designer sarees for different functions in online stores such as Like A Diva. These days, in order to make it easier for the contemporary women, pre-stitched ready to wear designer sarees are also available in both the online and the offline stores.

1. Sarees

2. Lehengas

Lehengas are the best Indian wedding dresses that every Indian girl prefers to wear. Whether it is a bride or a bridesmaid, lehenga is one of the first choices of a woman for a wedding function. Whether it is a traditional lehenga or a designer lehenga, it gives a royal and majestic look to a woman. The ensemble of a blouse, a traditional skirt and a dupatta, lehenga symbolises the beauty and rich culture of India. It also enhances the beauty of a woman. Most Indian girls prefer to wear a lehenga for special occasions. They are either highly embellished with intricate embroidery designs or are lightweight with minimal work. These days in order to give a contemporary look, ruffles, feathers and frills are added to the lehengas.

2. Lehengas

3. Shararas

Sharara is one of the most famous Indian designer suits. Generally girls can easily wear it. Because it is comfortable and does not require any effort to wear it. Indian women prefer to wear shararas in Indian festivals and Indian wedding functions. It gives a regal and alluring look to a woman. It is heavily embellished with intricate designs. It gives a woman a dolled up look. So if you want to get a regal and a dolled up look, do prefer to wear a sharara to an Indian function.

3. Shararas

4. Anarkali Suit

Do you want to wear a sustainable dress for an Indian function? If this is your preference, anarkali suit should be your first choice. Just like the sharara, it is easy to wear and does not require any effort while wearing. Most importantly, you can wear it multiple times for different functions. It gives you an attractive and sophisticated look with its complex embroidery designs. It gives a stylish, classy and elegant look. Designed in different patterns and colors, it makes you look gorgeous and angelic. Like all the dresses mentioned above, girls prefer to wear an anarkalidress for special occasions.

Summing Up

Indian dresses never go out of trend. They always remain the first choice of a woman. Ranging from sarees, lehengas to Indian designer suits, you can opt for any Indian weddingdresses for a special function. Because an Indian dress always gives an elegant and graceful vibe to a woman. Also these dresses do not require much effort and time to wear. You can look beautiful and represent the culture of India at the same time by wearing an alluring Indian outfit.

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