The Only TVS Pep Scooty Guide You’ll Ever Need

TVS Scooty Pep

The TVS Scooty Pep price starting range is Rs. 63,514 in India. It comes in 6 colours and 4 variations, with the top variation starting at Rs. 67,276. The 87.8cc BS6 engine that powers the TVS Scooty Pep Plus produces 5.36 horsepower and 6.5 Nm of torque.

The TVS Scooty Pep Plus has a combined braking system for both wheels with front and rear drum brakes. The fuel tank on this Scooty Pep Plus scooter can hold 4.2 litres and weighs 93 kg. Young Indian women are the target market for TVS’s 2003 introduction of the Scooty Pep, an entry-level scooter. Later, the scooter is a significant makeover and was given the Scooty Pep Plus name. Its lightweight and small design make it simple to handle and manoeuvre. An 87.8 cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that acquired fuel injection at the time of the BS6 changeover powers the TVS Scooty Pep.

Surprisingly, it produces 5.3bhp and 6.5Nm more power and torque than the BS4 variant while having more restrict emissions. Drum brakes are install at both ends of the scooter with Synchronized Braking Technology use for braking. In addition, The scooter is suspend by telescopic forks up front and a mono-shock at the back.On the feature front, the Scooty Pep Plus has the TVS’s unique ‘Eazy’ Stand technology. It decreases the effort necessary to put the car on the centre stand by 30%. It also has a mobile charger plug, a side stand alarm, under-seat storage hooks, DRLs, and an open glove box. Several extra features, including a 3D symbol, a jazzier set of graphics, and a premium texture seat, are included with the matte finish version. Additionally, TVS has include a unique ‘Mudhal Kadal Edition. In addition, It has a new color scheme, and the logo is written in Tamil because it was built specifically for Tamil Nadu.

The TVS Scooty Pep Price List is Here to Help you Decide Which Model You Want to Get

TVS Pep Scooty Standard BS6:

  • Ex-showroom price- Rs. 63,514
  • RTO- Rs. 8,611
  • Insurance- Rs. 6,520

Thus, the on-road price is Rs. 78,645.

TVS Pep Scooty Princess Pink:

  • Ex-showroom price- Rs. 64,691
  • RTO- Rs. 8,611
  • Insurance- Rs. 6,520

Thus, the on-road price is Rs. 79,822.

TVS Pep Scooty Matte Edition BS6:

  • Ex-showroom price- Rs. 66,026
  • RTO- Rs. 8,845
  • Insurance- Rs. 6,583

Thus, the on-road price is Rs. 81,454.

TVS Pep Scooty Mudhal Kadhal:

  • Ex-showroom price- Rs. 67,276
  • RTO- Rs. 8,845
  • Insurance- Rs. 6,583

Thus, the on-road price is Rs. 82,704.

Why should you get a Pep Scooty?

A pleasant trip on a stylish two wheeler scooty, just as you had imagined. TVS is the most well-known bike brand with its innovatively make two-wheelers. This company dominates the Indian market. In addition, Offering financially successful, socially acceptable, and pleasant scooters is a top priority for the brand in the Indian market. They created the TVS Scooty Pep with this concept. This is the perfect two-wheeler that has gained excessive appeal among women.

Women found this scooter to be very user-friendly. Additionally, the Scooty Pep price is within your reach. This scooter is a great to the everyday commute because it is lightweight, smooth, and quick and has other features like an auto-start. Females are currently smitten with TVS Scooty Pep. Men are also see riding this cozy scooter and taking full advantage of it.

Here are the features of this two-wheeler-

  • DRL- The included DRL LED lamp begins to glow as soon as the ignition is turned on.
  • 3D premium logo- The unique 3D logo ups the stylish factor in TVS Scooty Pep’s matte series.
  • Innovative seat pattern- This contemporary, incredibly distinctive seat gives the scooter a stylish and upscale appearance.
  • ETFi technology- The most widely used ET-Fi technology offers improved performance in terms of smoothness, fuel efficiency, and drivability.
  • Ecotrust engine- It has one of the most advanced multi-curve ignition systems of EcoThrust engines. Having a long-lasting and trouble-free riding experience is made possible by throttle force reduction and improved pick-up.
  • Exceptional mileage- The TVS Scooty Pep model has also overtaken the other manufactured scooters.15% more mileage is provided to the riders, allowing them to ride farther in comfort.

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