The Complete Guide To Writing Product Copy That Sells Itself

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In today’s world of high demand for e-commerce and digital stores for products, there’s a dire need for every seller to have a top-notch digital marketing strategy to make their product sell faster. This has created a strong need for a catchy and captivating product copy that would attract buyers after reading it.

Hence, highly-competitive e-commerce businesses must learn to circum-navigate their market to keep pace with the industry for their survival. Several buyers are of the nature which keeps researching for the product for days so as to get a product that best suits their needs and wants.

Have you got an idea now as to why product copy (aka product description) matters the most? Make sure to keep a sharp skill for writing product copy that would catch the customer immediately and convince them to buy your product. Want to know how? Keep reading this.

Writing Product Copy That Sells Itself

Well! You should consider the following essential steps when writing a product copy that sells itself:

  1. First & foremost, know your audience
  2. Tell a story
  3.  Don’t forget to mention the product dimensions
  4. Put a name to the material of the product
  5. State the feelings of usage
  6. Add features
  7. Be appealing to the emotions
  8. Language matters!
  9. Remember the SEO!

First & Foremost, Know Your Audience

You can never be at the top if you don’t identify your target market to whom you have to be appealing. Your product will fail if you target the wrong audience. For instance, sports shoes targeting the businessman market will never flourish. It would be best if you first learned the benefits of digital marketing, your target audience, the demand, and who you are talking to.

To identify your audience, you have to:

  1. Conduct market research
  2. Identify them
  3. Know their demographics like income, age, etc.
  4. Understand their values, beliefs, and traditions.

Tell A Story

Imagine there’s a product that is covered with all of the descriptions, specifications, price, and everything. Still, another product of the same category is identified with a story describing the product. Which one are you going to buy?

Well! You might not be decisive in this case, but you might make a decision after seeing this:

Now, which product will you opt to buy? Of course, the first one.

So, write a copy that would identify the product in a way that would be appealing to the customers. However, this story doesn’t need to be long; instead, keep it short and informative.

The story should also not represent any fantasy and fiction and should be based on facts and figures.

Don’t Forget To Mention The Product Dimensions.

Have you ever bought something online and realized that it isn’t a good fit for the critical area you wanted?

Hence, to avoid the frustration of your buyers, it is imperative to mention the dimensions of your product. Similarly, if you have a clothing brand, note the size chart and the simple standard sizes of small, medium, and large. Thus, the selling chances of your product, in this way, will be more than that of the other products, not to mention the dimensions.

In this case, the first product, although not beautiful as the other, will sell faster due to the mentioned size and dimensions to suit the needs of the customer.

Put A Name To The Material Of The Product

Your buyers need to know from you the composition of the product. This is because many people are allergic or hate some of the ingredients of a product. So, they make sure before buying a product according to their wants. For example:

This type of product copy is suitable for informing the buyers of the stuff out of which the shirt is made.

State The Feelings Of Usage

Your buyers are attracted toto your product primarily when it describes the user’s feelings, such as how it will feel if you touch it, how it will melt in your mouth, or feel when you wear it on your body. Most of the time, it is the status you sell, not the product actually. For example:

The product nicely defines the feel, which is very captivating to the buyers. Although another product of the same category might be better, you will have the advantage if it is not giving that feeling.

Add Features

Remember to add the features of your product when you are writing about it. Features are the inclusion of your product, like what it is going to offer the users or buyers. Such as “12 GB RAM, 6 GB ROM”, “24 hours battery usage”, “0 calories” etc.

Similarly, add some benefits that the product will be offering the buyer, such as “never worry about your health with the 0 caloric drink”, “made from the finest material to fly away from your frustrations,” and “designed to always keep you connected” etc.

Be Appealing To The Emotions

The best-selling products are those which are appealing to the emotions of the buyers. It is the most effective marketing strategy to hit the audience’s emotions. However, this strategy might not be effective as always. You must be logical most of the time because emotions might not work for everyone.

Language Matters!

The language you use throughout your product description should be consistent with your product. Remember! It matters a lot. For example, you can use the words as follows:

  1. Use words like “smooth,” “furry,” “soft,” “comforting,” etc., to represent a product like a blanket, carpet, etc. 
  2. Use words like “glowy,” “shining,” “bright,” “smooth,” etc., to identify a face product like soaps, face washes, face masks, etc.

But always remember that your language should be consistent with the product under the description. Do not use words that will have a conflict with the product.

Remember The SEO!

Although the primary purpose of your product copy is to sell your product, it will only be possible if the content is according to SEO best practices. Only then will it be available to the buyers on google. Hence, ensure you use the best SEO techniques and keyword research to make your content, and therefore, your product at the top of the search engine for better availability.


Product copy can make your product top-notch if and only if it is appropriately optimized. It can make your product sell faster and make a bench-mark out of you. A compelling copy of the product is what contributes toward the increment in sales.

Hence, create a copy of your product that is appealing to the buyers enough that they will buy your product immediately. Add features, descriptions, benefits, usage, emotions, and material of the product to let the customers decide sooner. It is also mandatory to mention that your copy should be according to the SEO best practices to rank the product on the search engine. And yes, watch your language! Impressive enough?