Spring Bathroom Renovation Projects That Aren’t Too Expensive

Install, Replace, or Makeover a Toilet, Bath or a Vanity Unit.

Spring is here! The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, and the air is warm. With all of this beautiful weather comes a new vibe that makes springtime so inviting. It’s time we get out of our warm houses and into the fresh air! So, today, for all you outdoor lovers, we’ve got a list of some of the most budget-friendly, easy, and fun spring bathroom renovation projects you can do this year!

If you are looking for a few spring bathroom renovation projects, then you have come to the right place.

Easy and Affordable Bathroom Makeover Ideas.

You may not realize it, but a few simple changes and tweaks in the bathroom can inject a new life into the way it looks and feels. Here are a few affordable and easy ways to spruce your bathroom.

Update Bathroom Flooring.

You may think that updating bathroom flooring may not be affordable as tiles are an expensive thing to do. But there are other ways to do it at a fraction of the costs compared to standard flooring. Let’s discuss a few affordable ways to update your flooring.

Idea 1. Engineered Wood Flooring. Natural wood may not be an option for bathroom flooring as it is not waterproof and may cost a lot. However, you may choose engineered wood flooring that can withstand humid weather conditions. It looks almost similar to engineered wood but costs significantly less. You should particularly pay attention to the type of material as few types are a relatively better option in terms of durability.

Idea 2. Artificial Tiles. These are a kind of peel and stick tiles that are lightweight, quicker to fix and cost significantly less. You can install or remove them yourself when necessary. These will bring a refreshing new feel to your bathroom.

Idea 3. Laminated Flooring. Another option in terms of ease of installation and affordability can be laminated flooring. These are made with a combination of multiple layers of engineered wood. These are also available in gloss finish and can help you achieve a luxurious finish. You must first measure the area to assess the number of pieces you need for your bathroom.

Update Bathroom Wall.

You can transform the entire look of the bathroom by giving a simple makeover to the bathroom walls. The great thing about it is that you can complete it quickly without spending hefty some of your money. Here are a few wall makeover ideas to consider when planning for a spring bathroom makeover.

Idea 1. Paint the Walls. Changing the wall paint may be the best way to renovate your bathroom. You can do it yourself as a weekend DIY project. However, it is important that you choose the right colour for your bathroom. For example, bright colours may be a better option for a small bathroom. Otherwise, you may paint an accent wall and add wainscoting to others with a different color.

Idea 2. Fiber Glass Shower Walls. Mostly you will need these for the shower area surrounding walls. Another suitable space may be above the shower bathtub for style and sleekness. In comparison to the tiling to prevent moisture, fiber may be a better, budget-friendly, and modern alternative. Moreover, it can give your bathroom a new makeover in terms of looks.

Idea 3. Acrylic Wall Panels. Similar to fiberglass, another option is acrylic wall panels. These are easy to install and maintain. It offers full wall protection while being a lot more affordable in comparison to all other options. Such panels are available in various colours giving you an option to create the types of look you want in the bathroom. You may match them with the mdf bath panel.

Install, Replace, or Makeover a Toilet, Bath or a Vanity Unit.

Adding new storage or replacing an older one can be easy to spruce up your bathroom looks. It will make your bathroom a highly practical space and improve the overall look. 

Idea 1. Installing a new Bathroom Vanity Unit. Storage is inevitably the need of every bathroom. However, installing it can be a great way to spruce up the space if you don’t have the one. You will need to choose between a wall hung or freestanding vanity unit. Most of these are available for around £250 and can even replace your need for the sink,

Idea 2. Replacing the Vanity Unit. If you already have a vanity unit, you can consider replacing it with a better one. For example, a standard freestanding vanity unit can be replaced by a more stylish option like wall hung vanity sink unit or a combination vanity unit for more functionality and modern looks.

Idea 3. Shower bath, Wall Hung Toilet or a Vanity Unit Makeover. If you don’t want to replace an entire vanity unit, then you may consider painting it with a new colour. Glossy new paint will look great on your storage furniture. If you have a vanity with a worktop sink, then replacing it with another one can also be a good option.

Final Thoughts.

There are many affordable ways to give your bathroom a spring makeover. We have discussed a few of the easiest of them. You may find some of these projects easier to be completed on a budget, while others can be a little more expensive. It can cost you even less if you have some knowledge and experience of DIY projects.