Reasons Why Keyless Locks Are Doing More Business Than Conventional Locks

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In today’s digital world, it only makes sense that our locks would be digital as well. Keyless locks are becoming increasingly popular for businesses for a number of reasons. They’re more secure, they offer convenience, and they can be integrated with other security systems. If you’re thinking of making the switch to keyless locks for your business, read on to learn more about the benefits of doing so. From increased security to lower costs, there are plenty of reasons to make the switch to keyless locks.

1. Great for Landlords

If you’re a landlord, then you know that one of the most important things you can do is provide your tenants with a safe and secure place to live. And one of the best ways to do this is by installing keyless locks on all of your properties. 

If you are considering installing a new keyless lock in your home, office, or vehicle, then you may be wondering if you need to hire a professional locksmith Harrison NY to do the job. In most cases, it is not necessary to hire a locksmith to install a keyless lock. However, there are some benefits to using a professional locksmith’s services, especially if you are not familiar with installing locks yourself.

2. Cost Effective in the Longer Run

Keyless locks are often more expensive than traditional locks, but they can be more cost effective in the long run. Traditional locks require keys that can be lost or stolen, and if your keys are lost or stolen, you will have to replace the entire lock. Keyless locks can be programmed with a new code if you lose your key, so you don’t have to replace the entire lock. Keyless locks also don’t require batteries, so you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries frequently.

3. No Keys, No Lost Keys

There are several reasons why keyless locks are doing more business than conventional locks. One reason is that there are no keys to lose. Another reason is that keyless locks are more convenient because you don’t have to fumble around with keys. Keyless locks are also more secure because they can’t be picked like traditional locks.

4. Easy Selling and Installing

There are a few reasons why keyless locks are becoming more popular for businesses than traditional locks. Firstly, they are much easier to sell and install. Secondly, they offer a higher level of security, as there is no need to worry about keys being lost or stolen. Finally, they can be easily integrated into existing security systems.

A professional locksmith Harrison NY can help ensure that your new keyless lock is installed correctly and will work properly. They can also provide guidance on what type of keyless lock is best for your needs and can answer any questions you have about the installation process. In addition, a professional locksmith can often provide discounts on the price of the lock and installation when you use their services.

5. 24/7 Access

While conventional locks require a physical key to unlock them, keyless locks use either a code or fingerprint to open. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing your keys or having them stolen – all you need is your code or fingerprint! Keyless locks are also much more convenient than conventional locks, since you can unlock them without having to fumble around for a key. And if you’re worried about security, don’t be – keyless locks are just as secure, if not more so, than conventional locks.


There are many reasons why keyless locks are doing more business than conventional locks. They offer greater security, they’re more convenient, and they’re becoming increasingly affordable. As the world becomes more and more digital, it’s no surprise that keyless locks are becoming the new standard for businesses. If you’re looking to upgrade your security system, keyless locks are definitely worth considering.