6 Types of Ecommerce Product Videos to Supercharge Your Store Revenue 

6 Types of Ecommerce Product Videos to Supercharge Your Store Revenue 

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Product videos can be game-changers to boost sales. As much as 57% of customers watch product videos before making their purchase. Moreover, 45% of them are likely to return and purchase more products.

As e-commerce becomes even more plentiful, creating product videos must be creative and innovative. Being the spearhead of a marketing strategy, a product video should be informative, engaging, and impactful for the audience.

Don’t be overwhelmed yet, because we have your back. Here is a list of 6 types of e-commerce product videos to supercharge your store revenue.

1. Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos are one of the top-notch video types to raise revenue. It also refers to several terms, such as tutorial videos and how-to videos. Audiences are 3x more interested in watching tutorial videos than reading products’ instructions.

The winning points of a product demo video are that it offers compactly packed information and allows the audience to see the product in action and how it works.

2. Comparison Videos

Another strategic way to sell more of your product is by making comparison videos. This type of video, provides comparisons between two or more products having similar features and are in the same category.

It is usually performed by customers and experts. However, you can still find some retailers doing video comparisons professionally.

Comparison video is a way out for those shoppers who have hard times choosing the right products among so many options in e-commerce.

3. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are best to garner awareness of your product, especially if it has uncommon or complicated information to the audience. This type of video has both captivating visuals and compelling narrations to engage attention.

Explainer videos usually work best on a landing page to introduce your brand to new customers. You might need a bit of adjustment to use it for e-commerce commercials.

4. Product Videos

Product videos are a simpler option compared to the types mentioned previously. Technically, it’s shorter since it requires less aspects than explainer video.

Product videos don’t include storytelling. You just simply show your product from different angles to provide information for customers.

5. Interactive Videos

Another great way to get audiences’ conversion directly is by applying interactive videos. The main feature of interactive videos is elements such as a direct call-to-action in the form of a link.

This type of video allows audiences to enjoy visual pleasure and core information while offering a link that drives them to access products at the same time. Provided this convenience, the chance of the audience making a purchase is higher.

6. Product Testimonials Videos

The last type of video to supercharge your store revenue is by making product testimonials or review videos. When it comes to testimonials, they usually come from customers or professionals.

Testimonials from customers offer a real experience to the audience. While if it comes from experts, your product becomes even more trustworthy.

Some studies have proven that video testimonials or reviews are effective weapons for converting users. In addition, videos that use the word “review” in their title had more views. Besides, it also has more than 50,000 years’ worth of watch time on mobile alone.


Investing in your e-commerce product video is a promising strategy that can lead you to higher store revenue. It’s a perfect shortcut for marketers to appeal to audiences, raise clicks, and conversion rates.  

The majority of businesses in e-commerce already use product videos as their marketing. Not only helps you to raise conversions, but a well-established product video also makes your business look even more professional.

Do your research before making an e-commerce product video. Find the best type that is suitable for your product and target audience. You can also seek help from people who are competent in the field.



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