Popular Landmarks You Should Visit in London


Being a student in London can be as fun, exciting, and adventure-packed as it is beneficial. It is one of the most loved cities and top destinations for students in the world. Also, it is home to a diverse population, which makes visiting or even moving to the city desirable. Besides, the student population in London exceeds 100,000, including individuals who come from 200 different countries all over the world. So, as an international student, in London, you will be within the perfect community. There are plenty of things and activities for you to do and see in London, the city of dreams. While you study there, you can use your time to explore the country and all of its glorious attractions, landmarks, galleries, museums, and more. As a student, this is your time to explore London and have some fun. This city can be full of exciting and enriching experiences. Take notes, get ready, plan your next day out in London and enjoy your time in London to the fullest!

Historical Landmarks

Undoubtedly, London is a city with a golden history and rich culture. With its various historical attractions and landmarks to visit, you will surely not be bored at all. A major historical sighting in London is the Tower of London, which was originally designed as a fortress stronghold and remained so right up until the late 19th century. However, the place is famous for being a prison. Some other historical places in London to give it a visit are Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and the Palace of Westminster.


Do you want to see a different view of London? Visit Sky Garden. It is one of the most popular skyscrapers that allows you to have a very nice 360-degree view of London. Other places to visit include Abbey Road, Chinatown, and the Queen’s House.


London has numerous types of museums to conclude all the city’s rich history. Some of these museums are the notable British Museum, which has a part of each and every historical period that has passed on in London and other countries as well, including Egypt with its treasurers. Some other museums to visit include IWM London: Imperial War Museum London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum.

Art galleries

The National Gallery is your place to discover more than 2,000 paintings from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. If you want to discover the rich history of British art from 1500 to the present day, then you should visit Tate Britain. Some other galleries that deserve a mention are The Wallace Collection and Whitechapel Gallery.


If you want to enjoy a night out in London, you can go for some free comedy shows at The Top Secret Comedy Club or Angel Comedy Club. Both of these places offer plenty of stand-up comedy shows, so make sure to book the best of these shows out there.

Live Music

Some of the best gigs and concerts in London are free of charge. There are many musical performances that you should attend in the Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall. If you like to have a fancy opera night for free, then check the Royal Opera House’s Live at Lunch concerts. Another place that offers free gigs is Hootananny Brixton. You will sure enjoy dancing to the lively music played there.


London hosts many festivals, and you can attend all of them for free. Lumiere London is the UK’s largest light festival that happens every year. You may also enjoy seeing the yearly parade on St Patrick’s Day. If you want to see London’s biggest street party, then don’t miss the Notting Hill Carnival. Also, you can have a taste of several cultures from all over the world with festivals on Trafalgar Square, where festivals like Eid, Chanukah, Diwali, and Japan Matsuri are celebrated.


London is filled with green areas and public parks where you can enjoy having a day out at any time. You can ride your bike or stroll around Hyde Park and enjoy the spacious green scenery. You can give a visit to Richmond Park, which is home to ancient trees and rare wildflower species that you will enjoy seeing. Other parks like Greenwich Park, Holland Park, and St Dunstan in the East gardens are also open to the public for free.


Walking around the streets of London and exploring its beauty is not an experience to miss. From the old streets of London with its unique architecture to the modern designs and contemporary buildings, the city is pleasant to the eye. You can enjoy the sightings of floral colours and breathe the aromas of Columbia Road Flower Market or follow the trails of Harry Potter at filming locations like Leadenhall Market and Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross.

For Art Lovers

If you are a fan of art, and we think you are, then you shouldn’t miss visiting God’s Own Junkyard. It is home to the continent’s biggest collection of neon signs that you can see. Also, you can check out London’s public and street art in Leake Street Arches where you will find works by Insta-worthy street art tunnel and guerrilla artist Banksy.

As a student in London, you may have to stay within a budget, so we are here to help you find some activities to do and places to go for free. Part of what makes London a desirable place is that it’s a busy city with several attractions, land landmarks, student-friendly places, and happenings to never miss. Also, it has splendid landscapes, water bodies, and green areas which balance the vibrant life in London. There’s definitely something for everyone in London, from museums and art galleries to amusement parks, pubs, and clubs. So, make sure to enjoy being in this magnificent city to the extent.

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