What Is Motorcycle Towing? Best Methods To Towing a Motorcycle

motorcycle towing

Towing motorcycle

Using a towing trailer is one of the great and safe ways of towing a motorbike. Many bike riders like to use the towing trailer as its size is large enough. Due to the large size, other drivers can quickly notice it while driving a safe distance away. First and foremost, towing a motorcycle is one of the hardest parts. There are several bikers who have no idea about motorcycle towing, but it is a necessary part that every biker should know.

Problems of motorcycle

The person might also be using another transportation method like using a motorbike and this method is also very common. Most people do not like to use the motorcycle as it can be unsafe since they need constant attention from the person behind the wheel even if they are used to doing all those things perfectly which can be quite dangerous for inexperienced drivers especially when traveling alone without anyone nearby to help them fix some problems that might happen while on their way.

Use the right equipment         

The person who is going to do this, should make sure that he or she knows what they are doing by taking a good look at the instructions given to them after buying their bike which could be complicated for some people but not impossible since most instructions are there to help people understand how things work especially when it comes to problems with their vehicles so no one gets affected in any way. The right equipment should be used at all times including gloves and protective gears which can prevent theft of items onboard along with blood flow stoppage caused by ropes or chains.

Pushing or pulling method

Pushing or pulling is also another method of towing motorbikes but most people would prefer ropes instead of chains which could get them into big trouble with law enforcement officers because using these items can get them consider as criminals even though they are really trying hard to make sure that everything works out fine at all times including driving in public streets without any problems with the police officers.

Using motorcycle trailers might seem like a huge task for many first time users but once they know how it works, everything else will fall into place perfectly as expected. Many riders prefer to have extra support on their ride because it can help them focus without having to deal with things they are not used to doing.

Everyone should know how these methods work especially when wanting to tow anything behind their personal vehicles or even motorcycles which will make it easier for everyone to understand what they are going to do next before actually doing it for real which would benefit them in the long run.

Towing safety

Being prepared for anything is a good thing and doing things the right way every time will make it better for them in terms of towing safety which should be handled with care at all times including the limits that must not be crossed when towing items behind their vehicles or even motorbikes which could get them into trouble with law enforcement officers who are always on the lookout for people who violate road rules along with endangering other drivers by using incorrect methods when transporting something from one place to another.

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Bike breaks down?

It is a common problem with riders as bikes can break anytime anywhere. In such cases your friends or official help returns back due to some urgent work leaving you alone in middle of nowhere. This situation can be really dangerous as there are chances of getting robbed too by miscreants if anyone finds you alone in such situation.

Here, we will tell you how to tow motorcycle when it breaks down out of the blue and how to avoid such situations. So let us start with some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for motorcycle towing:


  • Make sure that your bike can be towed before trying anything.
  • Inspect the vehicle properly before towing the bike. It should have enough power to pull your bike. Also check if there is enough space in the car so that it does not collide with other vehicles during the journey.
  • Check whether your driving license allows you or not. If not then don’t even try to tow the bike yourself.
  • Always use a rope or chain to tow the bike instead of using your car’s bumper. This will save your car from any scratches or damages.


  • Do not tow the bike if it is not in working condition. There is a high chance that it might get damaged while towing.
  • Do not forget to remove the battery before towing the bike. This will avoid any short circuit problems.
  • Do not use your car’s exhaust pipe while towing the bike as it will damage the paint and can also cause fire accidents.

So these were some of the Dos and Don’ts of towing a motorcycle. If you follow these rules then there are chances that your bike will not get damaged and it will reach home safely.


As we already mentioned above, make sure that your bike can be towed before trying anything. There is a chance of damaging your bike when it is in working condition so do not try to tow the bike when it breaks down out of nowhere. If you have a chain or rope with you then you can use them for motorcycle towing. Make sure that the chain or rope is strong enough so that it does not break while towing. Now lift both sides of the motorcycle tire and tie them together using chain or rope equally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to tow motorcycle?

Basically, if you have an emergency and you need help then you can tow your bike with the car. Because in this case, there is distance between two vehicles.

Is it dangerous to tow motor cycle?

No, this is very simple and easy method. If it is done correctly, then it is not dangerous.