Money Transfer Apps are Eliminating Old-School Methods!

Money Transfer Apps

With the rapid speed at which our world is moving and bringing transformations, the space for old-school transacting methods is losing its essence! 

While, on the one hand, people stopped carrying around their wallets and cash, we witnessed a hike in digital payments and money transfer applications. 

But are there any more reasons for a fintech company to invest in money transfer app development

Undoubtedly, MANY! 

So, let’s answer your question: 

Why is Money Transfer App Development a Viable Idea? 

Take a look at the two most common reasons for money transfer app development:

1. Exceptional Demand

According to a research report, the global valuation of the P2P payment market in 2021 was $1.89 trillion, and is expected to surpass $9.87 trillion by 2030. 

Indeed, peer-to-peer money transfers have become easier and more convenient than ever. All we need to do is visit the app and transfer money in a few clicks. 

2. Financial Inclusion

Sure, the demand for money transfer apps is incredibly high. However, it is not the primary reason behind building one. In fact, it might be the only method for accessing financial services in numerous countries and regions, including Morocco, Egypt, Mexico, the Philippines, and Vietnam. 

Things to Consider Before Money Transfer App Development  

Before taking your first step toward building a money transfer app, there are numerous factors to consider: 

1. Regulatory Compliance

Notably, a remittance app is not a banking institution until it is a mobile banking app. Thus, it must meet certain regulations considering people’s finances. 

Not to forget mentioning, there’s also a difference in regulations between jurisdictions; therefore, an app must comply with them all as per the location’s demand. 

But how does the platform fix any compliance issues? 

Notably, these platform act in accordance with any potential regulations as it functions as a layer within the customer’s system.

2. Security

The primary function of a money transfer app is to enable easy transactions. However, it also sends alerts whenever a transaction is done for security purposes. 

If you’re building a money transfer app, emphasize using robust data protection methods to elevate your end user’s data protection and keep away from any fraud. 

Some of the most common security measures are: 

– Two-factor authentication

– PCI DSS compliance

– Password change

– Third-party identity verification

– Incorporate data encryption

Essential Steps for Money Transfer App Development 

Now that we have given you a heads-up on things to consider before working on money transfer app development, it’s time to take the long road! 

So, are you excited? Take a look at the steps that you need to follow for efficient app development: 

1. Lay Down a Plan and Product Features 

Apart from adding a few basic features within your mobile app, it is significant to emphasize other advanced feature sets based on market demands, budget, objectives, etc. 

Therefore, laying down a plan that specifies goals and accurate product features is a must! 

2. Fabricate a UI/UX Concept

Once a plan is laid down, the designers can start working on the app design, ensuring that it is interactive and engaging. Not only this, but an app must be compatible with a number of devices, like smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

3. Look Out for a Development Approach

Now that the key functionality is understood, it’s time to implement the idea. What’s your idea about the development approach that needs to be adopted? 

Here are your key options: 

– In-House App Development

This is the best approach if you have a strong in-built team of developers that can work on the project efficiently. Also, not to forget mentioning that in-house app development works best for enterprise-level companies. 

– Outsourcing

For businesses that lack an in-built team or resources, the other option that can be followed is outsourcing resources to organizations specializing in fintech app development

– Utilization of Cloud-Based SaaS Solution

Dealers like efficiently bridge the gap between a product idea and a live application, considering budget and development time by offering a cloud-based transactional core. 

Wrapping Up!

Once all the application requirements are decided, you can choose your development approach by weighing the pros and cons of the development possibilities. 

So, what’s your next step? 

Get in touch with the best fintech app development company today, and acquire further assistance on the app idea.

Happy innovation! 

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