How to Increase Your Dental Offices Clientele


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You’ll need regular clients for your dental business to succeed. The dentistry industry is snowballing since people have become aware of the importance of good oral hygiene. As a result, it has created stiff competition among dental practitioners. Some are using affordable treatment as a strategy to win more clients. To beat the competition, you should prioritize marketing your services. Since this is a digital era, most patients are using the internet to seek dental services. Therefore, establishing an online presence for your offices would be the best idea to attract clients on the internet. Use these four tips to increase clientele in your dental clinic.

Create a Website that Converts

If you don’t have a website, plan on developing one. Ensure that whenever patients reach out to your website, it should be friendly. Most dentists overlook the importance of a responsive and interactive website. A random lead can turn into a patient because of their first impression of your site. Moreover, optimize your site so that visitors can take action, which is to seek dental services. Include your contact information and a physical location they can visit for an appointment. Yes, it is okay not to have web development knowledge. But you can hire a developer to customize your site to convert visitors into clients. The expert must understand the dental sector, design concepts, and SEO. This way, your dental website will be a tool for harvesting clients. After attending to the patients, ask them to write a review of your services on the website. A video testimonial would be better, but also written comments can work. This way, future clients will have trust in your dental practices.

Marketing on Social Media

You should never underrate the power of online platforms. It doesn’t mean that you have to create accounts everywhere online. Do some research to know who your clients are. Have their profile, such as age and gender, and the platform that they are the most active. After that, you can open, for instance, a Facebook page where you’ll provide information regarding your clinic, including its pictures and the employees. Remember to post content regularly to boost engagement. You should get this right. It doesn’t imply that you should only put out content related to your services. You can also upload educational information about dental health. Tell clients what to do by adding a strong call to action. You can include a link to your website or an office number they can call to set an appointment. Most patients check testimonials first before contacting the clinic. Therefore, ask existing clients to give reviews on your site

Creating a Referral and Reward System

In dental marketing, word of mouth is very instrumental. Whenever people need services, they tend to ask around for recommendations. Ask your clients to refer their friends and loved ones to you. There is a 100% chance they’ll come since the information is from a trustworthy source that has had a great experience at your office. However, to make the referral system effective, include an incentive or reward program. For instance, you can give patients a free dental product for every two clients they recommend to you. Do not leave out the employees on this program. You can offer them an allowance for every four clients they bring into your office.

Use Paid Promotions

Online communities and google are great ways to reach more people simultaneously. Find a way to keep in touch with existing customers and attracting new patients. Currently, most people use smartphones that have at least one social app. Promote your content and services using online ads. It would be best to use both social media and google ads to expand your reach. Paid promotions primarily work under the principle of pay-per-click (PPC). It implies that for every lead sent to your website by a promotion platform, you have to pay for it. Ensure that your ads reflect a significant reason why you’re the best dentist in town and a solid call to action. To get started, you can partner with a dental marketing agency that understands the promotion of dental practices. This way, you’ll get a high return on investment.

Finally, as much as you’re hungry for more customers, remember to offer high-value services. Yes, you might attract new clients, but once they don’t get good value for money, you won’t see them again at your door. Implement excellent customer support, which leads to a happy and loyal clientele.