How to Crack JEE Main Second Attempt with Good Score?



JEE Main is one of the most competitive engineering entrance exams in India. It is conducted twice a year, and many students appear for both attempts to increase their chances of getting a good score. The second attempt of JEE Main offers students a chance to improve their performance and secure a better rank. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks to help you crack JEE Main Second Attempt with a good score.

Understand the Exam Pattern

The first step to cracking JEE Main Second Attempt with a good score is to understand the exam pattern thoroughly. The exam consists of three sections – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Each section has 25 questions of 4 marks each, making a total of 300 marks. The exam has negative markings, so make sure you attempt only those questions you are confident about.

Create a Study Plan

A well-planned study schedule is crucial for achieving success in JEE Main. Divide your time wisely among the three sections and create a realistic study plan that you can follow regularly. Allocate sufficient time for revision, solving previous year question papers, and taking mock tests. Make sure to cover all the topics and concepts comprehensively.

Identify Your Weaknesses

To improve your performance in JEE Main Second Attempt, you must identify your weaknesses and work on them. Analyze your performance in the first attempt and try to understand which areas you need to focus on. Work on improving your weaker sections and practice regularly to build your confidence.

Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests are an essential part of your JEE Main preparation. They help you familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and build your time management skills. Practice mock tests regularly, and try to simulate the actual exam conditions as much as possible. Analyze your performance and identify areas where you need to improve.

As JEE is the most challenging competitive exam, students might doubt whether it is possible to crack JEE in less time or prepare for the JEE Main second attempt in 2 months to score a good percentile. As the first session of JEE Main 2023 is over, candidates can focus on the second attempt for JEE Main 2023. For this, students must go through the first session’s JEE Main 2023 question papers. Referring to these question papers will help the candidates to understand the examination pattern and the difficulty level of questions from the three subjects.

Candidates appearing for the second session of JEE Main for the first time, which means those who didn’t appear for the first session, should go through the complete syllabus once. Get an idea of the JEE syllabus for three subjects prescribed by the exam conducting authority. Choose important topics to prepare and make notes of these topics for revision purposes. Also, to check the weightage of chapters, refer to the JEE Main 2023 paper analysis for the first session papers. This will help you understand the examination pattern and weightage of the Class 11 and Class 12 chapters in the JEE question paper.