How to Get an A+ in your Essay Writing?


Since the childhood, we all have a desire in the corner of our heart to have at least one A+ in our custom essay writing. It feels so bad if your friend gets the A+ every time and you are still struggling to get B at least. Have you ever asked your friend that what magic does he use to get that A+ in his creative writing? Let us tell you that secret magic:

The magic is that there is so NO any magic! All you need to do is just understand the power of the writing as Shakespeare said, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. This quote by Shakespeare settles in a better way when it comes to writing something that comes directly from your mind, all you need is to identify your strengths and weaknesses in your writing.

Increase your Strengths

  • Identify the demand for the topic and be clear about the essay writing style you are adopting
  • Your essay with a clear and interesting title and have a mesmerizing introduction that clarifies the intention of writing on the respective topic

Organize your content in a manner that makes a smooth flow, use fascinating quotes as they capture the reader’s interest, use powerful words and proverbs, it attracts the reader and keep them continued with the reading

Try to keep your paragraphs balance; they should be neither too little nor too detailed, each paragraph should contain an introductory and a concluding line. Good essay contains an interesting start and a concluding end so try to make your ending paragraph as good as possible that it leaves the readers satisfied

Decrease your weaknesses

  • Avoid using all basic points at the start of your essay; use them when required, and at the place where they fit best
  • Try to use the vocabulary which everyone is familiar with and use the authentic sources for collecting information
  • Do not repeat title sentence, again and again, readers will become bored if you keep beating about the bush

Do not make your essay overdramatic by adding emotional lines regarding any situation. Use the grammar checker repeatedly; your essay should be neither in present nor in future. Your essay should not reflect any racism critics or another issue that affect the social ethics try to be neutral and put your view with strong and valid points. Your essay should not be too long that reader becomes fatigue or too short that makes reader unconvinced.

Get an A+

To get an A+ you should expand your circle of thinking and be creative, try to see things with as many perspectives as possible, make a mind map before starting, it will make you memorize what points to include.  Your essay should be of interest for your every age group, do not overweighed your essay with unnecessary details and take an expert’s advice if you are new in writing and also don’t know how to write an essay or track the best assignment writing service for the best essay.

Sentence fluency in an essay is the result of the good transition in between the sentences of the essay. Transitional lines play a vital role in the progress of an essay. It connects two distinct ideas together to give a good meaning of the essay. Fluent nature of sentences provides a wider impact of it.

The last part of an essay is to give the resulting lines of an essay. This is the reason that the conclusion plays a vital role in the progress of the essay. In this part of the essay, you provide the complete overview of the essay in your short lines.

The final step after writing the essay is to recheck it. Rechecking means the checking of sentences, words, relevancy, grammar and use of vocabulary. Every aspect of rechecking is involved in the better progress of paper.

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