Nowadays, the fashion industry is so dynamic, bringing new styles and trends every day. Breaking the stereotypes, the industry is moving towards gender-inclusive clothing. Gone are those days when pink was a feminine color and blue was a masculine color. It has also become viral for anyone like male, female, transgender or non-binary to buy and wear anything they like. To sum up, this is known as gender-neutral clothing.

According to fashion experts around the globe, it is not about one or two outfits. Essentially, it is a state of mind that can be applied according to the tastes and interests of the wearer. Modern society has evolved to end gender labels and their adverse effects by adopting gender-neutral clothing. In 2019, 56 percent of Gen Z consumers shopped “outside their assigned gendered area,” according to Rob Smith, founder of the “gender-free fashion” brand Phluid Project. As a result, the fashion world has been swept off its feet with gender-neutral clothes’ splendor. Many benefits can be leveraged from such a clothing line. A few of them are:

  1. A huge variety is available: There are so many prints and patterns available that you can use interchangeably. There are so many brands that are supporting this type of clothing. Few international brands like Uniqlo and H&M make such clothes. Even domestic brands like, the souled store are making such gender-fluid garments. With today’s apparel, you don’t have to worry about colours and patterns that only appeal to someone of a certain gender. Therefore, gender-neutral clothing makes it easier for people to choose their favorite colors and clothing styles, depending on their mood and personal preference. Unisex clothes are best when you have two or more children putting end to fights.
  1. Celebrating individuality: People have started accepting other genders also, leaving behind the masculine and feminine sides only due to such a clothing line. The brands provide non-binary and trans people with a safe and supportive environment where they can shop freely without feeling constrained by social norms.
  1. Better for the environment: Gender free clothes are a better choice when it comes to the environment as manufacturing is less and people can wear the clothes for a longer period of time. It is an age-old concept in Indian households when family members used to wear each other’s clothes from generation to generation. The young ones grow really fast and buying too many clothes is just a waste of resources. Resuing is always better than to discard all of them at once.
  1. Saves resources: Gender neutral clothing allows you to save your time and effort. And safeguarding money is an add-on. Because online shopping is easy but it takes a lot of time and increases stress with so many options on different websites. There was a great lesson that we learnt from Covid pandemic that we can surview with the fewest resources. Sharing within members makes you refrain from overspending and numerous options are available to choose from.
  1. Suits your mood: Dressing up always depends on your mood whether you want something subtle or shiny. If you’ve ever tried several outfits on in the mirror before, you understand what it’s like to figure out which one to wear. A gender-neutral wardrobe is the answer to that hustle. Such clothes will keep you happy every day if you keep them in your closet. Less coup, easy fashion.

Gender neutral clothes are the future of the fashion world. Blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity the fashion industry is changing its ideas of the outdated and regressive binary gender roles. People are already accepting gender-neutral clothes gracefully and openly, and they are designated as the clothing of the future. Clothing that is gender neutral does not seek to eliminate gender and its significance, but rather mitigates gender inequality, oppression, and violence. Leaving behind the vintage concepts, the time has come to create a better place for our children and make them understand the value of each and everything in life. Gender-neutral clothes allow you to embrace the entire spectrum of tones, styles, and colors. It is very important to choose clothing that affects the hearts of an individual besides deciding on the basis of gender.

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