5 Products for Strong Protection Against Incontinence

Protection Against Incontinence

A caretaker is one who takes care of the overall health of the elderly. Taking care of their multiple medical conditions at that age is important. It would help if you ensured that your elderly is always protected, even while asleep. You need to make their beds and ensure they are hygienic and dry. If they suffer from urinary incontinence, then sleeping can become an issue. But urinary incontinence should not become the reason for their good night’s sleep. So, you need to make your elderly feel comfortable and secure even while they sleep. Keep reading further to explore five incontinence products that provide strong protection against incontinence and you can buy these products for your elderly. These products protect them against incontinence and help them improve their quality of sleep. It further helps them to maintain good physical health and keeps them fresh for most of the day. 

  1. Adult Incontinence Pads:

Adult incontinence pads are unlike sanitary pads; they can absorb more urine. These are waterproof and are worn inside the underwear. It can help prevent leakages by soaking up a lot of fluid. There are various types of incontinence pads available in the market. Some are reusable or washable cloth liners or pads worn with waterproof pants. So, as a caretaker, you can provide these to your elderly, ensuring that they have a clean and hygienic bed and are well rested at night. 

  1. Disposable Bed Pad:

Single-use pads that don’t require washing are known as disposable bed pads. These are non-reusable and easily fit the bed mattress. It is like an absorbent that is placed beneath the bedsheet. It is the size of the bed sheet which protects the mattress, keeping it clean and dry. And even if the sheets get wet, the mattress is still protected. Protecting the mattress is vital because the sheets are lightweight and washable, unlike the mattress. As a caretaker, you need to ensure that their bed sheet does not stink. 

  1. Adult Diapers:
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 Adult diapers have the magical power of absorbing a lot of fluid. That magical power is the absorbent that does the work. As a caretaker, you can decide whether your elderly will be better with disposable or reusable adult diapers. You need to be sure that whatever you choose for them should fit them properly, and you need to get them an accurate size. So, you can choose from the basic four options: small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Most diapers have elastic these days so that it fits better. It helps prevent leaks and also locks the odour. 

  1. Sheet Protector:

A sheet protector is one of the most used incontinence aids. As a caretaker, you know how much elderly good quality sleep is essential. And when they get quality sleep, they remain fresh and active throughout the day. So, you make sure that their beds remain dry while they sleep. It helps them not feel irritated all day because of their medical condition. Because of wet bedding, you do not want to wake them up from their quality sleep. 

Not only that, a sheet protector helps keep the bedsheets dry and odour-free. Also, it helps you relax for a while and not constantly worry about their bedding. If the bed is protected, half of your worry is gone. It adds an additional layer of comfort and care for the elderly. And since it is removable and lightweight, it is easy to wash; also, you can purchase these according to the bed size. It is one of the most available and most convenient among all other incontinence products.

  1. Mattress Protector:

Mattress protectors are the size of the mattress, which are placed under the regular bed sheets having bed pads. This absorbent material helps protect the mattress from wetness and odour. It can be removed at any time and is easy to wash. It helps maintain hygiene levels and keeps the elderly dry without disturbing their sleep. This not only improves the long-term health of the mattress but also keeps them fresh, out of strains and smells.  


A night of disturbed sleep is not helpful because your body is not resting properly, resulting in delayed recovery and many other things. And urinary incontinence can be one of the major reasons for the same. It should not hamper the sleep of your elderly. To provide strong protection against this, you need to provide incontinence products to your elderly. These products help them feel dry and hygienic. Comfortable while sleeping or while socializing with their friends outdoors. You also need to ensure that they do not have rashes and that their bedsheets are dry and odour free all the time. Wetness can not only disturb their sleep but also makes them feel irritated. And it is not hygienic as well. So, as a caretaker, you are responsible for making the elderly feel comfortable with their medical condition and not letting it stop them from enjoying their good sleep or social life. 


Urinary incontinence is one of the major problems why elderly people have bad quality sleep. As a caretaker, you must take care of them and provide them with the required aid. So, read this article to help your elderly with a hygienic and dry bed and good quality sleep. 

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