Everything You Need To Know Over Launching An App Like Gojek


It would not be exaggerated to say that our use of services has increased in proportion to the advancements in technology. Do you remember when you could call a hotel to book a room? When telephones were first introduced, they seemed like a technological wonder. Today, however, smartphones have completely changed the equation.

Smartphones have various features that can combine to make them great. Uber was the first to recognize the potential of smartphones and led the on-demand revolution. Uber’s on-demand revolution has spread like wildfire, sweeping every corner of the globe and transforming every aspect of our lives. Studies have shown that only the top three apps are used in more than half of all the apps we have downloaded to our smartphones.

The fact that different apps offer different utilities can explain this discrepancy. We may not use the grocery delivery app as often as we need it. What will we tend to do to repair this problem?

Multi-service apps such as Gojek, which offer multi-services, have already found the answer. These super applications are appropriately referred to as super apps.


Here’s a brief history of super apps

Mike Lazaridis was the first to suggest super apps. Mike Lazaridis, the founder of RIM, envisioned a system in which many mobile apps work together and communicate with each other to offer unified and resonant service for users. Many have been developed in different countries. These super apps began as one-off applications and grew in popularity due to the high demand in a particular geographic area.

While there are many success stories from countries such as China, India, Japan, and Colombia, none of them were as profound and prolific as Gojek’s.

Gojek: A New Beginning

Gojek, an app that offers multi-services on-demand, is designed to offer more than 30 services, including delivery, transportation, financial services, and services at home. It started as a call center for bike taxis in Indonesia. It has positively impacted the Indonesian economy and average daily income.

It was the country’s first unicorn and is now on the verge of becoming its first Dedacorn. Gojek’s attractiveness lies in its economic impact and valuation and the impressive portfolio of investors. Gojek attracted investment from several big names such as Visa, Softbank, and Facebook. It opened its first overseas office in Bangalore, India, and has since expanded to nearly every country in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.

Many entrepreneurs have started to look at Gojek’s success as a model.

Super apps are a good idea

Super applications offer many benefits for both the business and the end-user.

Users have the obvious benefit of not switching between different apps to access different services. Users can access a spread of services by simply launching one app. It allows them to save plenty of space on their mobile devices. They don’t should remember multiple login credentials or entrust their legacy logins to multiple apps.

It offers a business an incredible opportunity to diversify its sources of income. It was evident in the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The entire transportation industry came to a halt during the lockdown. Services such as Uber and Ola grew and prospered until the lockdown. A super app such as Gojek managed to balance out the losses in transportation by generating profit in areas like food delivery and grocery delivery. You may have noticed that food and grocery delivery revenues soared during the lockdown. Philosophically speaking, if one door is closed, the other open… All doors lead to profit!

The user will find an easy way to use their cashback or refund money. Refunds can take a time to be processed by banks. Many apps, including super apps such as Gojek, offer users their wallets and virtual currency. They can now use the money they receive as virtual currency instead of waiting for the next purchase cycle and waiting for another app to process the refund.

The nifty app is a collection of small applications, often called “mini-applications”, that work in conjunction. The majority of super apps are not developed by the business that owns them. Third-party developers do it, and it saves a lot of money and time for the super app business. Developers also have the advantage of not having to invest in marketing. The perfect app is more likely to be purchased by the super app company if created well.

A super application doesn’t need to spend a lot of money marketing a new utility. They need to send a push notification and then update the app. Users will be delighted to know that your app can add additional utility and convenience without any hassle.

Super abs like Gojek bring the most value to the table. These super apps can easily process repayments by gathering data such as purchase patterns, payment methods, buying capabilities, estimated lifestyle, and much other information. Super apps can offer financial services and microfinance with extremely low default rates and very fast disbursal times.

Super app features

Gojek, a nifty app, must have certain features to perform the actions efficiently. The most important features are a quick login/registration, flexible payment options, and a rating/review system.

There are also a few features that must be present to ensure your super app’s success. Interfaces should be easy to use and interactive. Multiple services can lead to clutter. Users should feel free to navigate and access the services they need without difficulty.

More data enables better machine learning. It is why your super app needs to have artificial intelligence. It can suggest services to you, remind you about bills, and even suggest restaurants that you might like to order.


Super apps combine technology, database management, and intuitive design. They also have efficient marketing. Marketing and operations are important tasks that require constant attention. Many handy technology solutions are available to help you launch your multi-service app like Gojek.

A Gojek clone application is available. You can customize a Gojek script to include your desired features. White label solutions are the best because you can rest assured there won’t be any bugs that could interfere with basic functions.

The only thing left is to get in touch with the company specializing in the customization and development of the white label Gojek clone script. They will listen to your requirements and create interfaces so that you can launch your Gojek-like app as quickly and efficiently as possible.