Everything You Need to Know About Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai

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The UAE has an innovative and efficient banking industry that offers favorable circumstances for businesses to operate and contributes to the country’s economic progress. Banks in the UAE are well-equipped for digital and mobile banking, and they are constantly attempting to integrate emerging technologies such as AI and Blockchain. Without a question, the convenience of financing provided by UAE banks makes it easier for international entrepreneurs to incorporate a company in Dubai, UAE. As a result, in this blog, we will explain several elements of “how to register a corporate bank account in UAE.”

The advantages of opening a corporate bank account in the UAE

Foreign investors and businesspeople that want to register a corporate bank account in the UAE have complete privacy. Corporate bank accounts in the UAE may be opened in various currencies, allowing for quick currency conversion.

A business account makes it simple for businesses to track cash flows and transactions. With a business account, an investor might have access to tax obligations. It contributes to the transparency of tax payments.

Business owners use their business accounts to keep track of their expenditures in order to better control costs. It is simple for business owners to obtain business loans for their Intellectual Property Firm UAE or to obtain a credit card.

Free of any abuses on web and telephone banking infrastructures. Assistance to international banks and their administration is also simply accomplished here.

Observations before opening a corporate bank account in the UAE

You are eligible to apply for creating a corporate bank account in the UAE if you have an LLC on the Mainland or Free Zone, as well as a branch office or subsidiary.

If you are a startup or a small business, your presence as a bank signatory is also required for a day or a few hours to submit the application and verify the passport.

For paperwork purposes, you must take into account the kind of business, the number of shareholders, the company’s history, and the business strategy for a new corporation in the UAE.

How to create a business bank account in the United Arab Emirates

Obtain a business license

Obtaining a business license is a necessary step in creating a bank account. The bank will not recognize you as a business if you do not have a license, and you will be unable to create a corporate bank account in the UAE.

The following step would be to check that all legal and business documents are in sync and ready for submission. For example, a fully completed application form, a copy of the Emirates ID and shareholder representation, a detailed business strategy, a memorandum and articles, and so on.

Examine the visa criteria

The next step is to confirm that your stockholders require a resident visa as well. Some banks may need that as proof of residency from at least one shareholder, while others may not.

Select a bank

Once you have all of the relevant documentation, you may hunt for a bank that meets your requirements. There are several national and international banks from which to pick. When deciding on a bank, you must also examine the qualifying conditions and income.

The application procedure

This process is usually carried out after a thorough conversation with an adviser or a bank branch that advises you on how to proceed.

  • The necessary papers, along with a properly completed application form, must be presented to the officials. Following that, the bank will confirm every detail and check whether or not the application is approved or denied.
  • Following approval, the bank researches the applicant’s management group, shareholders, and directors.
  • The interview is the final stage. The candidate is interviewed by the bank. After that, the bank account will be opened.

Documents necessary for residents and non-residents

  1. Passport.
  2. A copy of the Emirates ID as well as the shareholder representative
  3. Comprehensive curriculum vitae.
  4. The utility bill.
  5. A thorough business plan.
  6. Information on the account’s activity.
  7. Personal and business bank account statements over the previous six months
  8. At least five suppliers and five consumers should be listed by name.
  9. The source of the funding must be disclosed.
  10. Contracts already in place
  11. Set of approved company incorporation documentation in its entirety.
  12. Articles and a memorandum
  13. Incorporation certificate
  14. The registration of shareholders
  15. Extract from the company.
  16. A statement of good standing.

The difficulties you may experience while obtaining a corporate bank account in the UAE

When it comes to creating a business bank account in the UAE, entrepreneurs may face some difficulties. Some of these are given below for your reference.

  1. Tough regulatory restrictions and compliance pressure as a result of the UAE’s commitment to combating financial crimes such as money laundering complicate the process of creating a bank account.
  2. When applying for a business bank account in the UAE, an entrepreneur must demonstrate trustworthiness. They must demonstrate that they have a thorough understanding of the industry in which they intend to launch an Intellectual Property Firm UAE and, as a result, require a bank account.
  3. Banks in the UAE demand a residency visa in addition to a local address in the UAE if you are a resident asking for a bank account.
  4. Banks in the UAE need residents to have real office premises. Some banks may dispatch an inspection officer to the address specified in the paperwork to confirm the physical presence of the office.
  5. An investor should have all facts about his firm ready to show to banks at all costs. Inadequate information might make it difficult to register a business bank account in the UAE. Banks in the UAE insist on understanding the full economic content of your company.
  6. If you want to conduct business in high-risk locations or countries, you may encounter difficulties in obtaining a corporate account in the UAE. If you are from a high-risk nation, obtaining a bank account in the UAE may be difficult.
  7. Most banks need a minimum balance of AED 25,000 to AED 50,000, depending on the bank you choose to create an account with.


Agents realize how critical and time-consuming the process of obtaining a business bank account in the UAE may be, as well as the possibility of the bank refusing to open an account for you. This is why they provide tailored solutions for each customer based on their company requirements and ensure that every minute detail is met so that they can serve you flawlessly.

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